Ramen Northern Ireland Style

Submitted By: Jill Emma Gray

Submitted From: University of Ulster, Magee College Law School, Londonderry


  • 1 pack of beef or chicken ramen
  • 2 Potatoes
  • some cabbage
  • some chopped leek
  • some butter
  • some milk

Boil the potatoes until soft (check this by sticking a sharp knife in them). Also boil the cabbage (you can do this in the same pot as the potatoes), chop the leek and fry it in butter. Mash the potatoes along with some butter, a little milk, the cabbage and the leek. (this is an Irish dish called Colcannon) boil your noodles with flavour of choice. Once cooked put lime juice on top and mix the noodles in with the potatoes. Enjoy!