Defacto Korean – American Ramen

Submitted By: Kenton Henry for Timbotronic Toner

Submitted From: Portland, Oregon


  • 1 package Top Ramen (or your choice) - Any flavor
  • 1 egg any color
  • 1/2 can spam - diced
  • Optional: Herbs (pronounced with an "H") - Thyme, Oregano, Cumin, etc.
  • Optional: Hot Sauce if your Ramen is not.

Set Ramen to boil per directions, with herbs and spam if you desire. Meanwhile,
beat one egg like you were going to make scrambled eggs (no milk please). When
Ramen is good and done, but still boiling, add egg while stirring the noodles.
Make sure you stir well. Viola, defacto Korean-American Ramen. Cheap and

Note: Traditionally, this would have been done with Crab or Krab, but Spam is the poor
man's version. Chicken works really well too, but make sure it is cooked before
you add it to the broth. Basically, it becomes a Ramen Egg Drop Soup at that