Igor’s Magickal Mystery Combat Ramen

Submitted By: Reverend Omestes

Submitted From: PC, Phoenix Az


  • 1 pouch of beef Top Ramen
  • 5 drops of Mongolian Fire Sauce, or Tabasco
  • A liberal amount of garlic powder
  • Fresh group pepper
  • 1 cap full of Bourbon
  • A little amount of ground ginger
  • Optional: dehydrated veggie flakes
  • Optional: Lemon Salt
  • Optional: Green food coloring
  • Optional: A little amount of good beer

Fill up a small pot with the requistite amount of water. Add about 5 shakes of pepper (or about twenty twists of a pepper mill). Add enough garlic power to cover the top-center of the pot (it floats). Add five drops of fire sauce or tabasco. And if you want add the dehydrated veggie flakes. Bring to a low boil. Add the Ramen, both peices. Add green food coloring if you want the “combat” effect. Halfway throught the cooking time, add a pinch of lemon salt (if you want). Add one cap full (or a 5 second pour) of good bourban (or wiskey) for flavor. If you want you can add a VERY small amount of beer (it enhances the flavor like salt does). Finish cooking. Add beef flavor while the ramen is still boiling. Stir and let boil for 1 mintute. Pour out half of the liquid, put in a bowl, and enjoy!

Note: This is completely no alcoholic, the alcohol will boil off, just leaving a slight bite. The ramen absorbs the the stuff you boil with it.