Freebase Ramen

Submitted By: Ramenmaster

Submitted From: University of Missouri-Rolla

Freebase Ramen is good for when you want a Ramen fix, but don’t
have the time to deal with cooking it. (It also works without
a microwave.) To make freebase Ramen, all you need is the Ramen
packet itself. First break the Ramen apart. Be careful to leave
it mostly intact, you are not shooting for Ramen crumbs. Then,
open the Ramen bag and the seasoning packet. Pour about half the
contents of the seasoning packet into the Ramen bag. Then close
the top of the Ramen bag and shake for about ten seconds. Open
the bag up, and eat the Ramen dry with your fingers. (The seasoning
gets a little messy sometimes, so people inclined to stay clean
could use a spoon and a bowl.) Note: Be sure to start with only
half of the seasoning. You can always add more, but if you add
too much it will be salty and gross.