Quick (Actual) Ramen Pancake

Submitted By: Chris Ingle

Submitted From: Penn State University

Cook ramen as directed (with flavor packet), maybe a little
longer than usual, but not too long or it’ll be mushy. Drain ramen
completely in a colander or strainer. Heat a little bit of oil
(maybe with a drop or two of sesame oil added for yummy flavor)
in the bottom of a small skillet. Add the drained ramen, and press
down flat with a spatula. Cook until a little bit crunchy on the
skillet side; you should be able to flip the whole thing over
and keep it intact. Grill the other side, and slip it onto a plate.
I usually slice it into wedges, and eat it with some good Indonesian
sambal chili sauce. You can also add green onions and garlic with
the oil, as well as any finely cut veggies you have. It’s extra
good with some ginger added.