Norwegian Ramen (with Surgeon General’s Warning)

Submitted By: The Noodle Family

Submitted From: California, USA

Mr. Noodlenose suggests that you use only as much seasoning as needed, then add finely sliced fresh vegetables and fishballs to your lovely snack. Fishballs can be found canned in American groceries. They are often m manufactured in Norway and are the seafood equivalent of our beloved frankfurter. They consist primarily of worms that live between the vertebrae of codfish. Japanese and Taiwanese fishballs can always be discovered in the frozen foods section of Asian foodstores. The Japanese also produce something called "fish cake". This is the same material in a prettier form. Fish cake is usually colored light red on one side. When sliced and laid atop your instant noodles, these elegant red-white leaves of fish furter will draw plaudits (or obits) from your discerning frat brothers.

Note: According to Mrs. Noodletoes, the very deadly part of the instant noodle kit is the unassuming little packet of salt/seasoning/preservatives/MSG that both Noodleguy and Noodlegal have seen unsupervised schoolmates consume with moistened fingers "as is". (See "Freebase Ramen" below.) These children are abusers who will become
addicted in time to still more dangerous chemicals. (Mrs. Noodletoes' advisory might be taken with a grain of salt. After all, Mrs. Noodletoes also believes that Ramen Mania is a Japanese conspiracy meant to pollute the "precious bodily
fluids" of our nation's young college-aged men and women.) Mrs. Noodletoes recommends that you discard or use less than the prescribed amount of the poisonous powder.