Tasty Tossed Off Ramen

Submitted By: Josh Wells

Submitted From: University of Wyoming

Ingredients: a bottle of olive oil (extra virgin, no wussy
light stuff), some mushrooms, and some red onions. Cook your ramen
as usual, without the flavor packet, and drain off excess water.
While ramen is cooking, sautee the onions and mushrooms until
ramen is done and then remove from heat. Put the ramen in a bowl
and liberally pour olive oil onto it, then to ss the ramen to
properly coat it all in oil. Add the coated ramen and vegetables
to the pan until the noodles have been tenderly fried, BUT NOT
CRISPED. At this point you may wish to add seasoning such as salt,
oregano, or Mrs. Dash (yummy, choose a flavor). Grated cheese
also tastes good, esp. Monterey jack. Remove from pan and toss
in a bowl to mix thoroughly... serve with chopsticks for an elegant
dinner date or use to impress guests with your cheap gourmet abilities.