Recipe Trifecta

Submitted By: David Muggleston

Submitted From: IDX Systems Corporation – Boston

Ramen noodles are ridiculously high in sodium and fat, and ounce-for-ounce, compared to regular pasta, aren’t much of a nutritional or economic bargain. But damn, they’re so good, who care’s if it’s the equivalent of six hours at a salt lick.

1. boil fresh mushrooms with the noodles, then toss with the mushroom flavor packet. simple and delicious.
2. use a packet of ramen (just the noodles) to stretch out a box of kraft macaroni and cheese.
3. cook ziti or other traditional pasta and toss with the ramen flavoring packet, chicken breast chunks and broccoli.

Note: Ramenmaster’s note: This guy wrote three short recipes, but that’s okay. Also, this guy has a roommate who refers to Ramen as "Roman noodles", and has seen an ad where someone filled the back of a small pickup truck with $60 worth of Ramen. Cool huh.