Top 10 US Instant Ramen by RamenRater

I don’t get to eat ramen much anymore. For one thing, I’ve been trying to eat more natural foods, which ramen is certainly not one of, and also my wife isn't the biggest fan. However, now and again I get the old craving and go pick some up. With that in mind, I read through the ramen rater's top 10 US instant noodle list to see what my next buy should be.

Out of that list, here are my choices:


1) Maruchan. Ubiquitous and cheap, I love to have this on hand. I'm a simple man, I like beef and shrimp flavor. Add some red pepper flakes to give it some spice. This is not the best on the list, but its so cheap and easy to find, I'll list it first.


Nong Shim Bowl


2) Nong Shim Bowl - I really like this one. It's complex enough that you don't need to do anything to it. I love the spicy broth in this one too, enough to almost make you cough when you sip it, which is perfect.


Nong Shim Black


3. Nong Shim Black - I like the bowl, I love the black. The broth here is very rich and the vegetables are actually large enough to distinguish and tasty. This is worth the extra price to treat yourself.