Ramen Party



Ramen Party is a cartoon collection of characters based on the ingredients in a bowl of ramen. This is a small teaser video for a planned series of videos that will introduce young kids to “hip trends”. It’s basically a teaser video for ramen based educational websites and games for kids. The site, indiegogo, is a crowd-funding site, similar to kickstarter, where the creators of the concept accept donations so that they can pursue the concept further. Early funders of this concept get some pretty cool schwag, like trading cards, a tote bag, and even your very own character.

Rather than me rambling on, I highly recommend you just go check it out, the video is cool and so is the concept. A blurb from the site:

Ramen Party is a collection of characters that introduces preschool children (and their parents) to hip trends in culture, music and food.

We've created six characters based on ingredients found in traditional Japanese ramen. Each of them have a distinct musical theme that matches their quirky personaliities, and when you mix them together, you create a catchy tune! Let us introduce them to you...

Some of the plush ramen characters