More Ramen From Has Landed

Nick from sent me a goodie box of ramen last week. The box featured some new flavors that are supposed to be good as well as some old favorites like Sapporo Ichiban. First a quick review of Sapporo Ichiban. When the box came my kid and I were both excited, but since he doesn't like spicy stuff, I picked out the non-spicy stuff and let him choose. After much deliberation he settled on the Sapporo Ichiban beef flavor noodles. I cooked them my favorite way for making dry noodles, that is, add half of the flavor pack to the water, boil, drain. Then add the noodles back to the pot, and sprinkle seasoning while stirring. I was able to share this secret technique with my 3 year old as he "helped" me.

I managed to sneak a few bites before my kid noticed and I must say that I still like Sapporo Ichiban ramen. It is simple and good tasting. The texture is good and the seasoning is not too strong. My kid ate the rest, so he's a fan too.