The Noodle Guy: Reviews, Recipes, and Experiences in the SF Bay

Vernon over at The Noodle Guy contacted me this weekend and when I got back to civilization, I checked it out. The site has been up for a couple months now and seems to be going strong with lots of reviews of the numerous SF bay area noodle shops and restaurants that serve noodle dishes. I imagine he could eat at one a day and never finish this site. Living here in Northern Colorado, we don't have quite the selection that he does, so I'm enjoying his reviews vicariously. If you live in the Bay Area or are visiting (like I am in May) then you should definitely check out his site.

The site also has noodle recipes, many of which require a visit to an Asian grocery store (also a challenge for me). This one for Vietnamese Garlic Noodle - Thanh Long Style looks good and has a surprise ingredient that I don't think is part of traditional Vietnamese cooking; a French influence perhaps?