East/West Throwtogether

Submitted By: Jace

Submitted From: Loyola University in New Orleans

Using any ramen noodle soup packet; I like the imported
Korean one with the name I can’t pronounce.
Boil some water
with olive oil, minced garlic, minced ginger, some basil leaves
and a wedge of lemon or lime. Then add your noodle brick along
with some romain lettuce, green onions, bean sprouts and carrots
(I get them out of the salad bar at the school, sneak them out
in an extra cup!) You can even add canned chicken which is also
found in the cheap section of a grocery market. Cook until the
consistency that you like it and serve! For extra pep, add some
sate (its a hot chili oil found in most oriental markets, you
can make it yourself with either olive oil or sesame and some
hot peper flakes and leave it alone for a month in a jar). Bon