Updated: Allstate and the “Ramen Noodles Every Night Budget” Commercial

I got an email from some ramen fans this morning. Neil from Ohio writes:

This email may sound confusing, but just let me explain. We love and enjoy Ramen Noodles and always have ample supply at home and also our motorhome. If you are a television watcher, you no doubt have seen the Allstate auto insurance commercials. The Allstate spokesperson points to a young driver saying “..... Emily’s on a budget ... ‘LIKE A RAMEN NOODLE EVERYDAY BUDGET”. This commercial objective is saying anyone on a very tight budget can afford their insurance. [We] are very senior citizens and absolutely love Ramen Noodles. Especially after a cool winter walk as a warm-up snack or Ramen Noodles and a salad or sandwich for lunch or dinner.

We feel the Allstate Insurance commercial is demeaning to Ramen Noodles and shed a very negative impact on a food product that is wholesome and delicious. As the months progress television viewers will be subjected to tons of negative advertising from those individuals running for the Office of President of the United States and feel that the Allstate commercial is detrimental to Ramen Noodles.

Well I must say that I agree with Neil and also I use Progressive Insurance. Hey Progressive, you shouldn't definitely sponsor me!

Update: The Arkansas Times has weighed in and they're kinda upset about the commercial. It doesn't bother me either way, so times are good in Arkansas if they're upset about this.