Instant Ramen Burns Lead to ER Visits

NPR has a story about the dangers of instant ramen, which can cause serious burns and ER visits.

These soups are dangerous because of the way the cups are designed. The cups are tall, lightweight, and have an unstable base that makes them tip over easily. At Garner's unit, the most common cases are small children, often toddlers, accidentally tipping the cup over on to themselves.

"It pulls down on top of them," Garner says. "The hot liquid then burns their chest, arms, torso, sometimes their privates, occasionally their legs." He says there's no other injury that he sees as regularly that can be so directly attributed to a product's design, and calls these soups "uniquely troublesome."

Anytime you have a cup of boiling hot water it's going to be dangerous, so I want to know what kind of moron gives this to a toddler. When I make noodles for my kid, I drain them first and I'd advise you all to do the same.

What else is interesting in this article that it links to a NIH study about this and about how manufacturers can reduce the risk of the cup tipping over by making the base of the container wider. There's also an interesting chart of what angles different cups tip over, so if you are going to give these to your kid, you may want to look there.