Review: Shin Ramyun Black

Tonight I opened the crown jewel of my box o’ ramen from, NongShim Shin Ramyun Black. NongShim released NonShim Shin Ramyun Black, a gourmet style ramen, to celebrate their 25th anniversary of Shin ramyun and I think that they really hit the mark with it. It has two soup base packets and a pack of dehydrated vegetables and beef. As I cooked it, I could immediately smell the garlic and spice coming from the pan. It cooked for about 5 minutes (4-5 minutes are recommended) until the noodles were soft but still chewy. When it was done, the broth was orange which promised a good spice and not at all thin or watery. The flavor lived up to the aromas. The ramen had a good spice that left a little burn on your tongue. I could also really taste the beef and garlic. Overall the flavor was perfect for a cold fall night. The dehydrated vegetables and beef were good and I'm pretty sure I saw a couple large slices of garlic in there too. The best part is that this ramen really fills you up, I am totally stuffed. I think this is because this ramen pack is larger than your standard size and the noodles are not as thin.

Now this ramen is gourmet, and so it costs a bit more than your average ramen, but in my opinion, it's worth it. This ramen is the 1%.

I took a few pictures of the bowl, but my camera mangled the colors so I'm not posting them. Here is a pre-cook shot:

Hans over at ramenrater has a great review with better pics here.