Ramen: An Adventurous and Imaginative Food

Adam Orfale at Kennesaw State in Georgia (USA) created these great photos of ramen for a project in his design class. The theme in these pictures is that you should be more adventurous with ramen and let your imagination run wild when preparing it. As highlighted by these photos, ramen can be taken from a 39 cent package to a fancy meal with some imagination, some extra ingredients and a great recipe or some experimentation. Adam's photos will be displayed on campus, along with take-home packets of ramen and recipes. As you buy and prepare your ramen this week, try and think of what you could do with your ramen, something you haven't done before, something different and delicious. If you have any new creative ideas, send them to me: ramen@mattfischer.com.

I will update this post later with some photos from the exhibit.