Travelling Ramen Shows in Portland

In Portland, Oregon, Chef Patrick Fleming and Brannon Riceci has created a travelling ramen roadshow called "Boke Bowl". You can follow Boke Bowl on Facebook or Twitter if you live in the area and see where their next visit is going to be. Unfortunately, the town where I live is too small to have cool ideas like this, but Portland is a great town and stuff like this is why. If anyone from Portland tries this, let me know!

Here in Portland, Chef Patrick Fleming has set out to share his take on ramen in an interesting, if not ephemeral, way. Fleming and longtime friend Brannon Riceci started "Boke Bowl," a sporadic, traveling ramen roadshow that takes over various spaces throughout the city and uses them as pop-up restaurants.

Fleming's take on ramen is admittedly not the traditional fare, but nonetheless, it aims to please with its pan-Asian fusion of ingredients and style.

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