Ramen Junket to Tokyo

One of the best ways to experience a foreign country is to experience it’s great food. To that end, this popped-up in my inbox last week.

NYT GO: RAMEN is NYT GO’s first trial. With the recent global popularity of Ramen, the tour’s first destination is Tokyo. Tokyo is the origin of Ramen. The “mecca” has over 5,000 Ramen shops. The tour is an economical and smart 7 day trip for the busy, creative, and urban youth. With visits to various key points such as the Raumen Museum and other locations with the tour group, you will also have plenty of free time on your designed trip!

I don't live in New York and I can't afford a trip to Japan, but this sure sounds like fun. If anyone who reads this blog goes, please let me know, I'd like to post some of your experiences and pics.