Super Spicy Indian Potato Curry Noodles

Esha sent me this interesting sounding recipe. It uses Maggi Masala Noodles, which look just like ramen to me. The are also 100% vegetarian, which is a good option for the veggies out there. This recipe also follows my sri raicha tenant.

  • One packet of Maggi Masala Noodles
  • One potato, peeled and roughly chopped
  • One onion, diced
  • One tomato, chopped
  • Sri Raicha sauce

Boil the potato until soft, add onions and let that boil for a while. Add chopped tomato. Then when onion is transparent, add the noodles. After a minute put one table spoon of sri raicha sauce. Let it cook until almost all the water is gone. Add the flavor packet. Drain the water and enjoy.

Esha adds, "My mom would make this recipe sundays ofr breakfast when we were growing up. It was our treat!"