Osaka’s “Uncle Million Yen” Buys Kids Ramen

A mystery customer walked into a ramen shop in Osaka earlier this year and left 1 million Yen (about $11,500) with instructions to buy ramen for kids. CNNGo reports on the follow-through from the ramen shop:

A ramen store in Osaka has followed through on the wishes of a mystery customer who left the shop ¥1 million (US$11,685) and a message “Use this to let children have ramen” on July 27 this year.

Whatever his reasons, the restaurant was able to give 1,540 dishes for free to local children, feeding 70 local junior high school students on the first day and over a thousand more pre-school children and elementary school students over five more days, according to the Mainichi newspaper.

PS – The link is worth clicking just to see the wall of ramen choices which is very cool, although probably unrelated to the actual story.