Sapporo Ichiban Original

For lunch today I dug into the Ramenbox and picked out the Sapporo Ichiban original flavor. I wanted to eat this as a soup, so I started by adding some carrots to the boiling water.

Starting the carrots and about to add the noodles.

While the noodles and carrots were cooking, I chopped some ham and green onions, which I had in the fridge.

Ham and green onions

Here is the finished product:

The Finished product

Now onto the review. The soup ended up salty, mainly because I cooked it too long in too wide of a pan and I also added ham. That was my fault. Other than that, this noodles were good, but I found the flavor to be lacking something. It’s probably my least favorite so far, but it would make a good base for a dish if you could add something else to give it flavor (ham, carrots, and green onions were not enough).