The Guy with a PhD in Noodles has come through again with a link about a 70-year old who holds a PhD in noodles. He wrote a book about the subject as well called (in English) “1,300 Years of Noodle Culture in Japan”, but I think it’s only available in Japanese. Read the article, this guy sounds dedicated…

“I simply wondered why ramen and soba noodles always rank high in Japanese favorite food surveys," Ayao Okumura, 72, said.

His book, "Nihon men-shoku-bunka no 1,300-nen" (1,300 years of noodle culture in Japan), won the Tsuji Shizuo Shokubunka-sho food culture prize in spring. The book was the culmination of two years of fieldwork.

Although he is a well-known expert in traditional foods, Okumura believes a person can always learn something, no matter how old he or she is. So he entered Mimasaka University's graduate school in Okayama Prefecture shortly before turning 70 and chose noodles for his doctoral thesis.