Late Night Snack from Ramenbox

I was still hungry after dinner so I cooked up some ramen from my Ramenbox. I picked out the Paldo Bibim Men which looked to be spicy and contains, "addition more 8% apple juice in soup".

The noodle brick was larger than the normal one, so I knew that this would be a filling snack. There was no dry seasoning, instead a packet of liquid that has "paste soup" printed on the side provided the flavor. The seasoning smelled spicy and was a fiery dark red color indicative of the chili powder inside. One surprise to me (since I never remember to read the description before eating) was the sweet taste that accompanied the spice. I didn't get much other distinguishing flavors here, so I think this one would be improved with some add-ins like soy sauce, onions, carrots, chicken, etc. Overall I liked this ramen, but it looks like it's going to be tough to top the Paldo Fire Cup.

PS - My after cooking picture was blurry, so no after cooking pic today.