WuMu Garlic and Sesame Ramen

Today for lunch I dug through my Ramenbox made my son and the Garlic and Sesame Ramen.

This ramen had no seasoning packet as I'd come to expect, but instead had a packet of what I think was soy sauce and another packet of sesame oil with garlic. The noodles had a good consistency and cooked faster than the directions said. After draining the cooked noodles, I opened the seasoning packet and there was an amazing aroma of garlic with a bit of sesame oil mixed in. Before adding the seasoning, I added some chopped grilled chicken that I had in the fridge, poured the seasonings on top and then sprinkled some sesame seeds on top of that.

My son really enjoyed these noodles and the chicken, but I thought that they needed more seasoning. The garlic really came through, but the sesame and soy sauce were muted. I'd eat these again, but they are not my favorite. If you have the same issue, maybe try more soy sauce and if you have it, you could add more sesame oil or sesame seeds.