Mr. Kon’s Traditional Suntory Ramen

Submitted By: Matto-kun

Submitted From: Ma’alaea on Maui, Hawaii


  • 10 packs of "Cup Soup" (Cup o’ Noodles)
  • a hot pot containing enough lukewarm water for 5 Cup Soup
  • one large bottle of Suntory Whiskey (Japan’s best seller)

Preparation: add water and whiskey in more or less equal parts
to "Cup Soup". Serve. Open window. Dare idiot next to
you. Finish remaining whiskey, place remaining ramen on table.
Jump out window, into pool. Repeat last step untill police notified.
Serving note: School principal added "umeboshi" (sour)
plum to his "Cup Soup" and passed out.

Note: While teaching in Japan I was introduced to several different
versions of Ramen and instant Ramen. This one had the greatest
impact (and possible damage). Mr. Kon is the Vice Principal of
a Junior High School that, at the time, had a staff consisting
of old married female teachers, young unmarried male teachers,
and one American. Mr. Kon felt it was his duty to keep tabs on
all of the younger men – thus he would take us out drinking quite
often. One night Mr. Kon and about another ten of us found our
selves back at the school, hungry, drunk, hot, and with the following