Paldo Fire Cup and Chlorella For Lunch

Today for lunch I had some of the Ramenbox ramen, the instant Paldo Fire Cup and when I got hungry again later I had the poorly named Chlorella "Green Team Cup" ramen.

The Paldo Fire Cup was great, it was a good level of spice and the spice stayed on your tongue, but just in the background. I liked the green onions which added a small crunch, and I enjoyed the tiny bit of sweat on my brow that showed up as I finished the hot and spicy bowl. I had trouble identifying many flavors other than spice, but I found that I didn't mind. The flavor was complex enough to be enjoyable and the spice level was just right for me. The Paldo Fire Cup contained "soy peptides" which apparently might make me fly and also be invisible or maybe are just good for you.

You can see from the picture below what the Paldo fire cup spice looked like when I dumped it in, basically it looked like I just added 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper:

Now onto the Chlorella (Paldo Green Tea Cup).

This ramen was one of the more interesting flavor mixes that I've had in awhile. Despite my initial reaction that it might be named after a disease, it is in fact named after a type of algae, also called Chlorella, which is supposed to be good for you to eat.

When I opened the cup after adding the water and waiting the 3 minutes, I immediately smelled an "ocean" smell, to me it smelled like seaweed and oysters, so I was certainly getting that coming through. The little bits of meat in there appeared to me to be oysters and tasted as such also. The noodles themselves are greenish, due to the chlorella and green tea most likely. I didn't get too much green tea flavor coming through, but I did like this one. I managed to scald my tongue when eating the Fire Cup, so I missed more of the subtleties with this one, and I'd have to say that I enjoyed the Fire Cup more. Note that the darker spot in the pic is just where I didn't stir the noodles enough after dumping in the seasoning.

Overall, I was ordering a RamenBox of just these two, I'd order 15 Fire Cups and 5 of these.