Cobalt’s Terriyaki Beef BBQ Ramen

Submitted By: Chris Sutor


  • 1 ramen (beef flavor)
  • small quantity of ground beef (hamburger)
  • Kikkoman Terriyaki sauce (orange bottle)
  • BullsEye BBQ Sauce (traditional)
  • Raw Onion (diced)

***IMPORTANT*** Do NOT break up noodle before cooking!
Brown ground beef in frying pan or wok – use about the same
ammount you’d put in 1-1/2 hamburger patties. Add Onion while
cooking beef, to flavor meat. When meat is fully browned, pour
contents of spice package over meat, and stir in. (do not drain
oil from meat)
Boil and drain noodle as per instructions. Add noodle to pan,
frying noodle and meat together.
Mix 1/4 cup terriyaki sauce and 1/4 cup bbq sauce together
until smooth. Pour over noodle and beef - mix in. Cinue cooking
another 1-2 minutes, to thicken.
Remove from heat and enjoy!