Don’t Eat Too Much Ramen Says Down Under Doc

My colleague at work “Wild” Bill McCollom sent me this story, but apparently if you eat too much ramen and not enough other stuff, you can get sick. There is no mention as to whether Natural Light offers any complementary nutrition when paired with ramen. Also is this really ground-breaking? Cash-poor students have been eating ramen for years!

The full story is here.

Researchers Dr Danielle Gallegos and Kai Wen Ong surveyed 811 Brisbane-based university students on their household income, health and nutrition status, and access to food.


Dr Gallegos said cash-strapped university students were prioritising university fees, accommodation and bills over "discretionary expenses'' such as food.


"There seems to be an acceptance out there that getting by on less nutritious food is a typical part of being a uni student,'' she said. "But a diet of baked beans and instant noodles is not good enough when health and academic results are at stake.