RamenBox offers the “worlds first customizable box of ramen”, where you pick from over 50 types of “premium ramen” and they put it all together, and mail it to you. These are not your 10 cent packages of ramen, they are more higher end, rare, and more interesting flavors. Personally, I'd like to try WuMu Garlic Sesame Oil ramen and the Paldo Fire Ramen The site even has a vegetarian section, and a selection of non-fried noodles, which have up to 80% less fat.

They offer 2 box sizes, a 20 slot box for $19.95 and a 40 slot box for $34.95. Much of the ramen packets take up 1 slot, but stuff that is large will take more of your slots.

Hey Ramenbox.com guys, send me a box!


UPDATE (June 20, 2010): I'm sadly still awaiting my box. They contacted me and said they'd send one, but nothing yet!