Ham and Cheese Ramen

Submitted By: Tony P.

Submitted From: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


  • 1 package ramen (most non-fish flavours work)
  • 1 cooked ham steak, about 1/2 inch thick
  • 4 Velveeta cheese slices

Cut up ham steak into strips or cubes (I like strips better),
and cut the cheese slices up into small cubes. THIS IS IMPORTANT
-- if the pieces of cheese are too big, they don't melt properly.
Place the cheese and ham into a plate or bowl. Cook ramen as per
instructions, using only 1/2 the flavour packet in the boiling
water. Drain the ramen and place the noodles into the plate/bowl
with the ham and cheese in it. Cover the plate for 5-7 minutes
to let the cheese melt. Mix up the goods with your fork and enjoy!