Dinner Impossible Recipe: Pork Ramen Alfredo-College Dorm Special

Dinner Impossible is a show on the Food Network where the guy is given a pile of ingredients and then has to cook for say 500 people in something like 18 minutes. I exagurrate a bit, but on the episode that aired on March 13, 2010, Dorm Food Doom, Chef Robert made what sounds like a good ramen recipe.

On his next mission, Robert is off to college on a mission to transform student dorm food into gourmet fare. Robert must prepare a meal for 100 University of North Carolina students in just 6 hours, using only the food he can find in student housing. No grocery stores, no raiding the cafeteria, and definitely no cheating!

The recipe was Pork Ramen Alfredo-College Dorm Special, which sounds not too healthy, but very tasty.

One question remains: Who keeps mascarpone cheese in their dorm room?