Over 4,308 Reviews of Ramen

This guy has my limited review section crushed beyond all hope. He has reviewed (as of Feb 20), four thousand three hundred and eight varieties of ramen. The site is in Japanese, so I can't make real sense of it, but I've gotta give this guy an A for effort. The link below also points to the guy's Youtube page, although it is also in Japanese, it's worth watching a couple of his reviews.

Review from BoingBoing:

i-ramen.net is an amazingly meticulous web site that chronicles one man's daily consumption of different kinds of instant noodles since 1997. It appears from the way they're numbered that he is now on his 4,308th bowl. For each new type of instant noodle, he creates a thorough chart that includes a full ingredients list; comments on texture, flavor, quantity, and price; and a starred rating.