Obnoxious Comment Spammers

Please excuse the “meta”, I need to complain for a minute.

There is a new type of comment spammer that I keep having to deal with here. Someone, a bot presumably, will post “Hey great post, I really liked it” and attach a URL. Now, I don’t display the URLs (unless that broke in an upgrade) so this is useless. But it means that I have to decide whether a “Hey nice job” is really Spam or not.

The latest offender here is a shower enclosure company in the UK. They appear to be a legit business, not just a place you can buy Viagra, so I’m curious how they chose spamming a ramen blog to generate business. Anyway, thanks to .htaccess they are now blocked from this site. If they continue to offend, I will be posting their phone number and as much information as I can find on the owners here. You’ve been warned shower enclosure douchebags!