Feb 282009

This is the first gravy recipe that I’ve seen that’s made using a ramen flavor packet. I think it might be pretty good on some biscuits and it’s a good use for those leftover flavor packs. This recipe also doesn’t actually contain any noodles, so FYI. Also, I didn’t quite like the way the original author said “2 tbsp fat”, but for that general category, I can’t think of a better way to put it

Submitted By: Esther
Submitted From: Seattle, WA


  • 2 tbsp fat (vegetable oil, lard, butter, or shortening)
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 1 cup water (for southern chicken gravy, maybe part water and part milk)
  • 1 ramen flavor packet

At medium heat, stir fat and flour together and cook for a few minutes. Slowly stir in water. Stir in soup base and simmer (stirring constantly) until it thickens. Notes: This recipe makes enough to cover 1 brick’s worth of noodles, and it scales up nicely (remember, 4 tbsp = 1/4 cup). I’ve only tried this with the chicken flavor, but it should work just as well with beef or pork.

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  One Response to “Basic Ramen Gravy”

  1. Protip: Get your fat hot before you add in the flour. Do not ever mix the fat/flour together before heating the fat.

    After you get the hot fat and flour mixture together, continue stirring while it is heating. The key thing is to smell it while it’s cooking. You will notice that the ‘flour’ smell will go away, and after about a minute, the mixture should start to have a nice, slightly nutty kind of smell. You have to actually cook the flour in order to have a nice gravy. Also note you need to add enough flour to absorb ALL the fat, but not too much, so be prepared to modify slightly the amount of flour used.

    Another tip: Use a whisk to stir while adding the liquid. Actually, you can use a whisk for the whole process, preferably a flat one if you have it.

    Another tip: For creamy ‘Southern’ style gravy, you use all milk and no water. My mom would throw you out of the kitchen if you tried to put water in her chicken gravy. So would I.

    Yet another tip: Gravy can be ‘finished’ with a knob of butter stirred in just prior to serving.

    And make sure you TASTE it. I find chicken dishes always benefits from an extra grind or two of pepper. Also, my mom would say stirring in a few red pepper flakes will give it a little pizazz without making it “hot”.

    And, let me gently remind you, that this mysterious ‘gravy’ substance is amazingly easy to make, and it tastes good over just about anything edible, not just our beloved ramen! Just use the same recipe, and just substitute some salt, pepper, and a little seasoning (and some stock to replace the water if you’re not going to use milk) for the flavor packet, and you can cook this for just about any dish.

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