Mar 162008

Nobody ever tells me these things, and although this is mainly pasta focused, apparently March is National Noodle Month. There’s some info (and a noodle quiz) in this PDF file. Of course, I will credit the Ramen Blog who figured this out 15 days ago, for beating me to the news.

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  6 Responses to “March Is National Noodle Month”

  1. Kudos on the ramen page.

  2. noodles 3 times a day and thats not including dissert

  3. yum noodles three times (x) a day

    and then its time for dessert. (0)

  4. we would like for you to open a large (lots of jobs)

    Ramen plant in yuma arizona. thankx

  5. and if you speak to the pope, please inform him

    that a rebuilding in time saves stitches for many

  6. and it would be very good for a kmart to open here too
    yuma arizona

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