Jun 292007

Sam writes in from Brooklyn and asks….

I have a question for you, do you know what happened to Smack ramen? It seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, and the only two places it can be ordered –koamart.com and kgrocer.com–don’t have working phone numbers to divulge where they get their supply from. Any help would be appreciated.

A Smack-head

I haven’t seen Smack for a bit either, but I haven’t been really looking either and my wife does most of the shopping. Where do you guys get your Smack from? I used to know who made Smack, but I can’t remember that either…

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  52 Responses to “Where Da Smack At?”

  1. My husband and I live in Arkansas, and we miss Snack Ramen too! Our favorite flavor was Shrimp. Not only did Snack Ramen have the BEST flavors, but it was the CHEAPEST at walmart. It was like 18 cents per pack. I hate having to buy Maruchan and Top Ramen, those were always brands I swore to never buy because there was no comparison in taste…..Bring back Snack!!

  2. It’s been years since I have been able to find Snack (formerly Smack) Ramen and it is STILL killing me! Every, single time I take a bite of the CRAPPY Top Ramen or Maruchan I shudder and immediately become nostalgic for my Snack brand. What I don’t understand is with it being so popular, HOW could they remove it from the market? I’m from Arkansas (now in MO being a military wife) and we used to buy it in MULTIPLE cases from Harvest Foods. It disappeared and eventually so did Harvest Foods. Picante Shrimp was my guilty pleasure along with every other flavor they had to offer. I just don’t understand it. My sister and I still gripe about it and it’s been at least 5 years since we were last able to find it. I hope that by some miracle it reappears on the market. Even if it cost more than the other brands I would NOT CARE. I would pay $10-$20 a case if I had to! That’s just how good they were and how much I loved them. Here it is almost 5 years after the 1st post on this page and it is still getting posts.. doesn’t that speak for the quality and popularity of these noodles???

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