Mar 032007

Karina from Virginia sent me some pictures of her art project. The project was called “Wearable Art”, and Karina made a dress out of ramen packets. It took 196 packets of ramen, and some chop-sticks to construct! No word on what grade Karina received, but it looks like “A” work to me.

I figure that a 10 cents per packet, and some free chopsticks with take-out chinese, you could make this dress for about $20. That’s not counting the “worth” you get from eating all the ramen.

ramen dress

ramen dress

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  21 Responses to “Cheapest Dress Ever?”

  1. Very cool and imaginative. Way to go kid. I think its fashion design for you — forget interiors….. hugs, us

  2. First it fed students, now it clothes students! Truly, ramen is the wonder food!

    Now, someone just needs to figure out how to build houses and cars of the stuff, and we’ll all be able to live forever on nothing but noodles. Hallelujah!

  3. That dress is hot! The hat.. not so much.. but I’d totally wear the dress, maybe even in beef flavor. No probably not.

  4. I wonder if she chose for color or flavor.

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  6. This was truly a brillant idea. Not only does it appear as an actual dress, but also the culture behind it. She has a very artistic and beyond her time fashion sense. I pray she does well.

  7. She is both artistic and ahead of her time in fashion.

  8. Woo00 I’m glad you all like my dress ! =)

    @Grid: No, I didn’t go for a paticular flavour. Sams Club only carried the Chicken flavour in such a great quantity =D So I had to go with that. But I had around 5 packets of other flavours, which I used to make those little flags on top of the chopsticks 🙂

  9. Karina,
    I’m working on a magazine I would love to us eyour dress for it. Is it for sale? I’ll make sure you get a credit blurb for it also!

  10. I hate to break it to you, but having attended an (unnamed) art school in North Texas for like six semesters now, I’ve seen like six ramen dresses in the halls at the unconventional-material-wearable-thing time of the semester. It is true, however, that yours (minus the hat, sorry) is the best I’ve seen.

  11. @Jed: Sorry, the dress isn’t for sale ! But you’re welcome to use the pictures to feature it in a magazine 🙂

    @CMO: It doesn’t really matter that you’ve seen like 6 Ramen dresses in the first place. I don’t attend North Texas art school, so I wouldn’t know that this idea was already used. I’m glad that mine was the best you’ve seen though.
    And I happen to like the hat =P

  12. She should use 2 empty cup ramen for the top. Or maybe she will save that for a ramen swimsuit

  13. wooooooooooow that is really nice dress, i would like to wear such one

  14. Well done for blowing the whistle on scammers. I am so glad you posted this

    Thanks a lot

  15. Wow….. what a dress its seems to be a different one and quite attrctive..

  16. This is an awesome idea, just think what design you could come up with walking around your local supermarket.

  17. WoW that makes me hungry lol but not only dont it look good on you but u look good 2!!!! ya tu sabe mamii

  18. COOOOLLLL………..ur very creative……..i really liked it…………!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Stumbled on this great article while surfing the internet and by no means found any interesting write-up like yours. Truly loved the way you wrote this and I just love the dress.

  20. Hi, Likewise have also just stumbled accross this article, have to say the dress is a great design and very imaginative. Thought it was very cool too to have an alternative pair of shoes nearby just to change the look a little. ,

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