Oct 042006

I suppose this is a recipe, but its just for fun IMHO

Submitted By: Charles
Submitted From: California, USA

Nothing extra is needed. Just a fun way to eat ramen.

Prepare as usual, make sure the noodles are not broken and save the seasoning

Drain all the water.

Pour the noodles into a large plastic zipper close bag.

Sprinkle the seasoning and shake/mix with noodles.

Close up the bag with the noodles at the bottom make sure you get out the excess air.

Now just roll up the bag with the noodles pressed into the bottom. Let this settle for a few minutes to take shape.

You should see why my friends call it a Ramen Burrito by the shape.

To eat, just open up the bag and kind of scoot it up to the opening.

It’s easiest to eat using the bag as a wrapper of sorts.

There you have it. A quick easy way to enjoy everyones favorite treat and get big delicious mouthfuls of yummy noodles.

I’m sure you could spice this up a variety of ways, enjoy.

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  15 Responses to “Ramen Burrito”

  1. Inmates in our facility eat ramen like this, but have a twist. They take a small bag of cheetos and crunch them up so they are almost like a powder in the bag, then they add they cooked noodles, mix it, then fold and wrap the bag with a towel to make a seal and the burrito shape. It looks kinda good, they say its delicious, but I have never tried it.

  2. I myself at this very moment am thinking of new ways to prepare Raman. I have several suggestions to help make this a five star sushi bar theme.
    When rolling the Raman you could cook the raman to make it just malliable enough to where you could use a sushi roll to cut into circles. While rolling you could place your favorite oriental ingrediants (small slices of crab, shrimp, roast beef, chicken, pork, paresely, rosemary,fish, carrots, wasabi paste, onions, cajun spice, hot sauce) on the flat surface of the raman, roll up and cut into circles. This may be a good finger food at partys. Caution I have not tested this yet so I may be wrong about my ideas.

  3. When I was starting college my friends and I would crunch up ramen in the packet and add warm water then wrap it in whatever we could find and sit on it while it was under a couch cushin for a few mins. Worked great

  4. I had a friend who made this for me once. He called it the Jailhouse Burrito. They’d use chicken Ramen and instead of cheetos, as mentioned above, they’d use Nacho Cheesier Doritos (smashed into small pieces of course). Even if not made into a burrito shape, this tastes amazing. Just need to make sure that there isn’t too much water to make it soupy, nor too little because the chips need to absorb moisture to become soft.

    Try it, it’s better than it sounds!

  5. im makin a jailhouse burrito now and have done it for sum time since my relese its the same concept as soup and crackers just quicker and easier you dont even have to boil the noodle just lit them sit in water even cold for about 6 min with your fav chips crushed in them its the shit im tryin it with fiery habanero dorritos now late

  6. So my uncle who has spent a veeerrrryyyy long time in jail taught me this and I love to put a bit of honey in it it’s so delicious and I prefer BBQ chips with this.

  7. Officer Matt is proably only a “Dep” (deputy {renta cop})
    And in the facility i was in they would even take un used trashbags and make giant “jailhouse pizzas” also known as cook-ups
    putting allmost anything in them from there commasarry

  8. the one ive herd of is the one dave mentioned. wile i was in prisson(for murder) people would do that and it tasted great. you make the ramon noodels as you normaly would drain the water take some chips(nachos,hot fries, any type of chips with a flare to em) then put in some of that nacho cheese along with beef sticks, jerky,anything along that line mix it up and yummy good as shyt!

  9. -Houston county jail 1 year-
    Every thursday (commissary) we would “break bread”
    Everybody would chip in ad the pod chefs would put drained roman in a clean trash bag,with crushed cheese crunchies and chunked spicy hot pickles.

    The exact recipe is this-
    4 roman cups-hot cali vegatable
    2 and a half bags of chips -crushed
    and the mixxing proscess was a two man operation.
    They would kneed the mix until it was thickened up.
    then put it on the table,,,Flatten and shape..
    The bag was the split open and topped with cheese spread and beans-
    It feeds 10 or more–
    at night we were usualy rolled in when the trustees finished so they would go sliding it under the cell doors on chip bags–
    good times.

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  13. in the marines, we made the ramen as usual, drained the water. pour ramen into ziplock bag, drop in veggies, chicken, beans, hot sause, cheese, anything you would use for a real burrito, or snacks you get from the PX or commisary, and you mash these contents into the middle of your ramen burrito while its still in the bag. let all the air out and seal. roll the baggie with the food into a medium sized hand towel or shower towel to make the burrito shape. then place this roll behind the small of your back while your playing cards or watching tv. the longer you wait, the cooler the ramen gets, the better the burrito will hold its shape. so i actualy let it sit for 30 minutes to even an hour. then you can actualy hold it in your hand and eat it. yum.

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  15. Take a bag of any type of spicy mexican flavored ramens crush the noodles put in a ziploc bag,

    Add a couple dashes of instant mexican style beans and white rice,

    Add a couple squeezes of jalapeno easy cheese,

    Add cut up summer sausage or slim jim pieces,

    Add crushed up flamin hot cheetos,

    Mix well,

    Add a couple splashes of hot water and let the concoction soak up the water and soften into an edible consistency.

    Take scoops of the mixture and place them in the center of a flour tortilla and wrap it up like a burrito.

    This is called a “spread” and are really big in the colorado correctional system.

    I have made plenty of these during my days as a knucklehead spent in jail. They are actually rather tasty and all the items are available for order off of any faciities commisary sheet.

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