Jul 292006

Steve from Lima, OH wants to know…

Okay I was wondering what the world record of eating ramen is? At the same time I would like to participate in a ramen contest to see how I stack up against everyone else that loves the greatest food.

Personally, I’ve never eaten a β€œton of ramen” just to see how much I can eat, so my personal best is probably only 2 or 3 packets at once when camping. How much has everyone else done?

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  38 Responses to “Ramen World Record?”

  1. I decided to ask that same question on Yahoo Answers

  2. personal best right here. i am poor. i eat 6-8 packets a day. it has been that way for the past month and a half. i kid you not. i had a wendy’s chicken burger last night and that was the only thing that wasnt ramen i have had

  3. I’ve eaten 4 packs in one sitting

  4. I’ve eaten 5 packs in one sitting.. and I’m only 16.. haha..

  5. my personal best was 20 in one sitting me and my friends have compitions. I think it took like a hour…. lets just say we have alot of food eating compitions… like before I’m a teen your not! I’m 15 lol. and me and my friends do it all the time. besides im the only girl and I usually always win. but hey. I’m a swimmer what do you want? lol

  6. Being bulimic and all and eating an average of 20,000 calories a day…

    I’ve eaten an entire box of ramen before. You know, those big boxes you get when you go to the Asian supermarkets that carry 30 packs or so? Yeah, one of those.

    (And it happens more often than I like to admit.)

  7. Back when my husband and I were very poor, we ate Ramen Noodles for lunch and dinner, everyday for 3 years.He most of the time ate two or three packs, I only ate one at a time. Then we only had coffee for breakfast. Now that we have found our selves in a tight squeeze with money again we have started eatting Ramen again. I’ve lost weight on Ramen, only because I also drank alot of water to counter act it’s sodium content.

  8. I usually eat larger portions than most bc im alot taller than most…(being almost 7 foot) but i’ve eatten 12 packs in one sitting before…not a very uncommon feat w/ me tho…

  9. i have ate a pack of ramen noodles in a minute and 12 seconds right off the heat no ice!

  10. I’ve eaten 6 packs in one sitting. (the superbowl makes me very nervous!!)

  11. Hmm, most I’ve eaten in one sitting is 4 packets, and I generally have about 3 – 9 packets a day.

  12. ive ate 4 packets of ramen when i was camping but my last bowl tasted bad my friend ruined it buy dumping soda in it =/ but i still ate it =3

  13. i ate 2 packs in 30 sec. and 6 in 4 min and stoped to talk. i got all of u beat

  14. Holy Crap!!! I can eat like one packet and then Im full one time I had two packets but I couldnt even finish the second one haha im writing this in study hall πŸ˜€ I live off of ramen bc im poor i eat about 3 packets a day breakfast lunch and dinner πŸ˜€

  15. hello! i love ramen noodles…i have ramen noodles in my cupoard right now! i no that is just sooo interesting i had to send i comment!

    ~the Ramen Noodly

  16. my frined ate 3 packs in one sitting in 2 min 47 secs… so i went to beat it and i ate 3 packs in one sitting in 1min 40sec… i could have eatin more just testing the waters

  17. by packets, do you guys mean like whole servings including the flavor stuff?

    If so, then I think I have eaten about 4 packs in one sitting.

    Anyone ever mix like the chicken and beef flavors together or anything like that and have gotten a good result?

  18. Just finished a bowl of 2 packets and i’m gettin up to make 2 more… Lol i normally eat 2 packets at a time but that’s only because i have a small bowl and can microwave them… If i use my big pot on the stove i’ve eaten 12 my wife and i mixed one of those 24 packs up and ate it for dinner once… and the only Mixed packets that i’ve tasted that are ok together are shrimp and beef (as long as you get the good shrimp some of the manchuran shrimp or w/e tastes like soap lol)

  19. “pastry Says:

    August 24th, 2006 at 7:23 pm
    i ate 2 packs in 30 sec. and 6 in 4 min and stoped to talk. i got all of u beat ”

    /\ haha
    no joke i can down a 2 pack bowl in 3 to 4 seconds
    i only wish i had a video camera so i could prove it to you all
    im soooooo not joking i really can

  20. i have gotten drunk and eaten 13 packets before….not a huge feet, but i am only a teen too, and not even close to 6 feet…and thank god that i ate that much, because it ate up all of the alcohol and i didnt even have a hhangover the next morning πŸ˜€

  21. O yea, well, I ate a pack cooked in a coffee pot, so take that!

    Actually, I think 3 is the most in one sitting.

  22. i dont now how much of them i can eat but i can beat all of u

  23. I have eaten 15 packs of Ramen in one sitting and I am 17 and skinny.I win. πŸ™‚

  24. this is great. my record is four

  25. my record is 17 packs at once and i can also eat one pack without juice in 3 bites

  26. The ramen eating world record is 4.9 Kilograms
    In pounds thats about 13 pounds or about 30 individual packets =]

  27. I can’t imagine eating more than three packets at a time. I usually eat two. I love all of the flavors, especially the chicken mushroom.

  28. ive been eating ramen noodles every since i love ramen noodles i have them for lunch breakfreast and supper i can hold the worlds record of anyone who can beat me i can eat 20 packs a day and yall can probley eat 2 ive been eating them for the rest of my life and it is a indickshion i can not stop eating them i like all the flavors and if you got any comments about or like to share why i eat them a lot just send me an email at j.hutcherson 1503@gmail.com

  29. I have eaten 7-8 packets in one sitting. I’ve been eating it since I was five not cause I’m poor but cause it’s the only thing I like. I personally think I can out. Rawmen anyone but hays just me and I just turned eighteen so ya kinda sad lol

  30. im on my third packet right now!!!

  31. holy crap i just ate suicide ramen in 33 seconds is that a record my lips burn and tingle now wooo hooo

  32. Ramen Noodles World Record, that would be awesome cause I would win for sure cause Ramen Noodles are the easiest to digest so I could eat all day and night, I usually eat 2 packs or 2 cups each time and want some more, so bring on the contest.

  33. Im eating Ramen noddles in woodshop in secret !!!! Hah! cop that nigga’s !!!

  34. Did an a 12 pakc in 1sitting but can devour 24 raw w/ no seasoning anytime. Chilibeef yum

  35. I can eat 10 packs in 1 second πŸ™‚

  36. I just had 2 packets for the first time in my life… and i am craving a third. :- / Your input’s have all made me feel better. πŸ™‚

  37. I just ate 2 packs in 4 bites! BTW i am teh best dps evar!

  38. A convention that I work with, the Middle TN Anime Convention, hosts a Ramen Noodle Eating Contest every year. The people who compete eat a LOT of ramen – more than a “normal” person. The guy that runs the contest guesses about 50 packs per person. Yeah, per person. I know that sounds crazy. I didn’t say that they kept it all down. πŸ™‚

    You can see a view of it: http://www.g4tv.com/videos/54111/viewer-army-visits-mtac-11/

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