Jul 062006

Can someone who speaks/reads Japanese read through the Maruchan webpages and find me a contact address? I have had numerous requests for ways to contact them for numerous reasons. I tried Google translate, but it didn’t handle the contact forms very well.

If you can figure out an email address for them, use the contact form on the right and let me know.


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  10 Responses to “Need Translation Help”

  1. 108 – 8501 Tokyo Minato-ku port south 2 Chome 13th 40
    TEL (03) 3458 – 5111 (representation)

    See if this helps

  2. For future references, try
    when you need to get text translated. Usually handles text better than google, though you need to copy-paste the text

  3. I love top ramen. I have for many many years (even though im only 15…) I eat at least one every day. How can I become part of your site?

  4. I was gonna suggest just cutting and pasting the info off their web site into word, make a label by cutting it out of the 8 x 11 paper, stick it on the envelope and let the US Post Office deal with it! You should get something for your 39 cents! And think of the smile on your face, as you sip your next bowl of Ramen, thinking of some poor postal schmuck trying google translations to deal with your letter! 😎 39 cents well spent!

    Remember folks, life’s a game! Ramen makes it sweeter!

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