May 142006

Jo asks: How long can you keep Ramen noodles in storage before they are no good to eat.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. On one hand, ramen noodles are fried (most of the time). On the other hand, ramen is packed with preservatives. Regardless of the presevatives, ramen will tend to stale over time, and although it will generally still be edible, it may not taste as good.

Personally, I would keep ramen (in plastic packets) for up to six months. Use some of the recipes here and eat it up!

Anyone have any anecdotes of keeping ramen for long periods of time (years even) and how it tasted? Was it stale? Did you get sick?

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  87 Responses to “Ramen Expiration Dates”

  1. was just wanting to know how long ramen noodles are good to store for in case of crisis. Thanks for all your input guys! very helpful!!! :0)

  2. Ok so I’m eating an expired cup of chicken ramen noodles (Maruchan) right now and they taste funny.
    So that’s how I ended up here. After reading a bunch of the comments I realized that nobody cared to eat the noodles even if they tasted kind of funny (stale). I know everyone has different taste buds but maybe mine are just more sensative, because my noddles didn’t smell weird, but they tasted stale or what my mexican people would say “rancio”. I decided to not eat the rest of the noodles since I couldn’t get over the taste. But hey if it works for you go for it!

  3. I just had a taste for some beef ramen noodles @ 1:39am and looked in the cabinet exp date is 60/01/10, todays date is 10/14/10….lol…after reading most of your comments, I can’t believe I was nervous to eat them…thx guys.

  4. Throw some Tapatio Hot Sauce in it, tastes great! Expired Top Ramen has a slight stale taste, but when you throw some hot sauce in there, stale or not stale it adds GREAT flavor.

  5. I bought a couple of cases right before Hurricane Katrina, and had a few packs left over. I ate one earlier today (02JAN11), and it tasted the same as any I’ve ever eaten. So, that’s a little over 5 years…

  6. Luna my sister says what do u mean by Ghetto Chips on the other hand I could care less. SORRY!!!!! 🙁

  7. i just ate some with an expiration date for over 5 years ago and everything tasted fine. they were “good” in fact. no strange smells or surprises.

  8. i had a cup ramen and when i bough it it was 1/1/11 and the exp is 1999 i eat them and im lucky i dinit got sick

  9. i love this page

  10. they actually taste good 😉

  11. Currently eating a pack of ramen that is three years past sell by date. I chose it over the other package that was four years over….i think it tastes fine, although i was wary of eating the chicken seasoning so i just put butter on it, which i do anyway. I prefer eating ramen straight from the package, ghetto chips style, but i figured it would be too stale. Dead bug comments on these posts did not grossed me out. But I probably shouldnt read this web site while eating ramen.

  12. All the posts by idiots trying to complain about their ramen are the best parts of this thread. That said, this is enlightening. I have a bunch of Maruchan Instant Lunches that are a couple months past their expiration date (and have been sitting in my cabinet at work for over a year). I’ll be eating those today since we randomly got a foot of snow overnight (here in Reno, NV). I’m glad to not have to go out! I’ll be back with another post if anything’s awry.

  13. Best page on the internet. Here is a question, do Mr. Noodles expire? are they pretty much the same league as ramen noodles?

  14. Keep the thread alive! This is crucial research!

  15. Today is march 23,2011 and its 4:45am . A couple of minutes ago i was looking in my food cabinet and found noodles. the expiration date was a little over three years ago. so i googled can ramen ever go bad and it landed on this page. After reading these comments (Which were pretty funny) i will embark on my journey to eat these expired ramen noodles. Wish me luck

  16. Took me a minute what with your misleading “official page” claim, but here:

  17. In the open, Ramen Noddles should last a while (over three years) if you can keep it from insects. I know this sounds crazy but, if you freeze them for three to four days, then seal them in a Mylar bag with some oxygen absorbers, they can last almost as long as Twinkie’s. Just ask Tallahassee.

  18. (Insert eye roll) Okay, whatever. Way too difficult to post a link.

    The ones in the cup last 12 months; 18 months in the regular package. If not stamped with a Best Buy date, look for the code. It will read MMDDYY XX ##. That’s the Best Buy date, followed by the manufacturing plant and shift.

  19. Oh and according to the company, they don’t “expire;” they simply reduce in quality.

  20. i just finished a 5months expired nissin ramen from japan..taste is still good..nothing strange.. will definitly eat 5more..yay!

  21. I googled this to find out if they go bad because after eating 2 packs today that are about a year to 2 years old, I woke up with a huge pain in my stomach followed up with moss-textured diarhea. If anything the spice packs probably go bad after a certain time, because they were rock hard. My colon still doesn’t forgive me.

  22. How do you read the date? To many numbers

  23. just enjoyed vintage 2007 ramen . i believe that that year was a good year for them i hear 1999 was also a good year but i havent came across any yet . fingers crossed ill keep digin to the back of the pantry

  24. I ate a vintage ’98 and now I’m dead. It was a good vintage year though.

  25. you guys realize that you wont know if ppl died from eating it
    they cant comment if their dead…anyways i just ate year old top ramen and feel fine
    but if i die u’ll never know lol

  26. I tried eating 2 packets of expired ramen noodles and they tasted funny to me (I’m also pregnant so my taste buds are really sensitive) so I had my husband try them. He said they tasted fine to him so if they taste fine to you, eat them. If they taste weird to you and you can get past the taste, eat them. If you get sick from eating expired ramen noodles then I guess you shouldn’t eat them when they are expired anymore.

  27. getting ready to eat some expired shrimp ramen from 2009. With the salt packet (because im a risk-taker). if it goes bad, i’ll throw up i guess. if all goes well, i eat more of it! got like 15 packages of the crap in the pantry.

  28. To Sean: last night i ate shin ramyun (spicy Korean) ramen expired 2005. My sister loves to give us crap she doesn’t eat. Well we don’t want it either! I didn’t realize it was expired, but that doesn’t surprised me she would give us crap like that. So dumb!!! I just got out of the pot for over 30 minutes! i was literally had diaherra the whole time! I’m telling you, my stomach is as strong as steel. I can eat anything, hot spicy, sour, bitter anything! The spicier the better! I’m so going to give it to my sister later!!

  29. Lol! Just came upon this thread after finding some ramen that expired in 09. I am eating them right now and so far, so good. They taste ok but a little stale. I hope I don’t die, I can handle a little mud butt…

  30. wow, now i don’t feel worried about eating my expired ramen. mine was best before 3/31/10, only a year and half, not bad. i put hot sauce a lemon juice in it.. no stomach pains yet

  31. Just bought a case of top ramen from the grocery outlet. Didn’t notice the date on the side of box, 2004, but did check the expiration date, 6/2007. It’s August 2011 now, wish me luck

  32. 2 bites, no way

  33. Just ate some today that expired in Mid ’08 so that must mean I bought it 2-3 years before that exp date…. It’s 8-9-11 as of this writing and after eating it, I’m good to go.

  34. KGO’s Dr. Bill Wattenberg said you could use old Granola bars safely in disasters/emergencies
    like helicopter drop-offs. I wondered about Nissan’s Top Ramen noodles.

    Over the past 3 days I boiled and ate two packages of Picante Beef flavor noodles that I
    bought 6 years ago with a Sell By date of 2007. No problem at all — and I have a touchy
    gastro system. Didn’t use the seasoning. The ingredients listed Paprika that I saw
    sprinkled througout the noodles. This confirms my trust in the safety of this product.
    So, with my cases of Sell By 2012 Ramen noodles, granola bars, and about 100 gallons
    of water, if this survives our next San Francisco earthquake, it’ll be a good cushion.

  35. I’ll post an update in about a week. If there’s no post I’ll probably be in a meeting with my Maker.

  36. So I am diabetic and poor. Living in this economy means enjoying the little things… But I love ramen anyway.. My mom ha only lived in this place for 2 years and my brother was the only person here sept09-june10 that liked ramen… So I gues I figured at the oldest they’d be about a year but the assumption really didn’t cross my head- only that I hadn’t ate all day and my blood sugar was low and I was freaking starving.. I had 1 pkg left from before I moved here 3 months ago but it had a year in it and I figured the sealed one my mom had would be better.. Wishful thinking! After 5 min in the microwave my usual time.. I couldn’t tell what tasted new off the noodles or the seasoning.. But I knew it was bad so I went back and checke the exp date- 03/29/08! WTF. I wanted to hurl just thinking about it. No they do not all taste good forever, and after hearing about bugs and fingernails I’m going to stop buying ramen!

  37. Just tried to eat some Ramen, after the first bite I was alerted to a FUNKY taste. Checking the package the date was 08/26/09!!! EWWWWWW The boss gave them to me as a nice gesture so I didn’t have to go out to get lunch, I didn’t tell her that I had to toss them! I don’t recommend old Ramen!!

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