May 142006

People sometimes ask why/how this is the “Official Ramen Homepage”. Being official is pretty easy. You put up a page in the 1995/1996 timeframe, and add the word “Official” to the title. As long as you are the first and the best, there’s no problem.

Of course, being Official does cause me some headaches. There are lots of people out there who come to this page to:

  1. complain that the ramen they bought (presumably from me) had some problem
  2. ask me to work with their import/export company to sell ramen in country X

The point of this post is to hopefully head-off emails on topics 1 and 2 in the future.

PS – Can anyone guess from which domain I get most of the type 1 complaints?

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  7 Responses to “Being “Official””

  1. Domain with the most complaints? My guess: Let me know if I’m right!

  2. Congrats, you win the prize!

  3. Hi! What an awesome site! As a newly married college student in 1999, and the Y2K scare/scam on the horizon, my husband went out and purchased CASES of ramen. 7 years later, we are still trying to use it, and amazingly enough it is still perfectly fine! I wish I had these recipes back then, though.


  4. can you tell me how many, if any, calories are in JUST the beef flavor packet?

  5. The flavor packet? I’d imagine less than 5 because it seems that all that is is about 1 and 1/2 crushed bouillon cubes. Very healthwise, although a bit high in sodium.

  6. I’d like to make a complaint.

    My daughter opened a cup of your maruchan instant ramen this morning for breakfast and she found what looks to be a clump of hair wrapped around some chewed gum.

    I’ll be contacting a lawyer if no reply is given.

  7. Would you like the names of some lawyers?

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