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There has been alot of discussion and emails to me as to whether ramen is vegetarian. I am sensitive to this issue since I am married to a vegetarian (from Texas no less).

In general, the noodles are safe to eat for vegetarians. However, read the labels carefully, some brands use animal fat in the noodles or to cook them.

In general, the flavor packet will contain animal by-products, so be wary here.

If you find a brand of ramen that is animal by-product free (in regards to the noodles), try that and add some veggies!

I have anecdotal evidence that Top Ramen Oriental Flavor is vegetarian (includng the seasoning), but I don’t have the ingredients in front of me. If you know otherwise, or know brands that are vegetarian or vegan, please let me know.

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  2. Rob,
    Some well respected osteologists and other fancy people say that the structure of our skulls and our mouths actually show that we aren’t omnivores… Our canines are dull and straight and the canines of omnivores and carnivores are long and curved back… Proportionately our mouth size to the overall size of our head is not the same as carnivores and most omnivores… Our saliva composition is like herbivores… Our gastric juice is like herbivores… Unlike a carnivorous animal, we do not have a very short digestive tract… I’ve seen humans classified as two things… Multi gastric herbivores… And scavengers… Our bodies have evolved to be able to handle meat… But not made to eat it…

  3. I am with a lot of you! I have been eating the blue packaged oriental top ramen (with the cabbage on the front – not the one with the ham on the front) for years and they all of a sudden took it off all the shelves! I have written to the company a few times and they have been very short saying they don’t sell bulk directly to customers. I have searched stores in AZ and CA and I’m unable to find it. If you all know where to get it let me know please. My daughter loves it!

  4. The chili flavor appears to have NO animal products in them. Also most of the animal products in the seasoning packet. The noodles are fine and just add your own seasonings. I use onion soup (dry albertson’s brand) there isn’t any animal products in it. Also dry albertson’s ranch mix’s tend to be vegan. Double check the packages, though.

  5. I have emailed NISSIN, the maker of Oriental flavor Top Ramen to ask who still sells it as I havent seen it in stores in a year or two. Be careful of the KOYO brand mentioned here, it is made in China. We bought it anyway, thinking how bad could it really be… ironically, there was a tiny piece of metal in the noodles, about the size of a staple opened flat. We are returning this to the manufacturer and reporting them to the BBB. You might want to double check your ramen’s… even though its distributed out of CT, its made in China.

  6. Eric, you’re stupid. It is made with BEEF extract. Duh.

  7. I found a vegetarian ramen in an Asian food store, it was vietnamese and onion mushroom flavored. It was very good actually and I was so happy to find a ramen that I could eat. I cannot remember the name but it was in a red and yellow packet.

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  9. Please tell me if your noodle packs contain MSG? Serious Question…Thanks

  10. I have this vegan cookbook that says Top Ramen Oriental is vegan as it calls for it in many receipes. I haven’t seen anything that I would reconize as being an animal product or bi-product.

  11. If you buy ramen with animal products in the seasoning and just eat the noodles, you’ve still contributed to animal harm by buying the stuff.

  12. I miss the Tomato Vegetable Top Ramen!!!!! It was soooo good and it was vegetarian! The oriental is too but it’s gross tasting.

  13. Amazon does sell the Maggi, Dr. McDougals, and Soken. I like Thai Kitchens rice noodle soup – it is very tasty, some are vegetarian (curry, onion, ginger), and ready to eat in a couple of minutes, but it’s not ramen. MSG and yeast extract are how they try to make the non-meat soup mixes taste good, but neither are good for your brain. Maggi has a tomato flavored recipe. Possible problem with Maggi is that it is sold in packs of 96. A couple of people have complained that it was stale so you might want to get the individual packets. The most reliably available brand is Dr. McDougals and it is more likely it wouldn’t have been laying around for a long time since it is sold in packs of 6.

    Vegetarian = eating nothing with a nervous system. Fish are not eaten.

  14. http://www.ramenbox.com/order/Vegetarian
    Don’t give ingredients so you will have to take their word that it is vegetarian.

  15. Hey guys. I just left the Kroger bt they did not have the Oriental or Mushroom flavor.. I stopped at Foodarama in Houston Tx and bought 5 for 1 buck Nissin Top Ramen Oriental flavor and Maruchan Ramen Mushroom Flavor and they had a couple of boxes full.I read and re-read the ingredients in both and read nothing indicating animal products. So I’m thinking maybe they do still make them but they are not shipped everywhere and I think the grocery store Foodarama might only be in Texas or Houston. Hope this helps some my fellow vegetarians!

  16. HELLO,

  17. Oriental Ramen Noodles seasoning contain egg. thus not vegan. If you want to eat those nasty noodles without seasoning, It would be vegan.. but at that point just make a healthier snack that doesnt have a gross ammount of sodium as isabel said.

  18. It is not mandatory that you have to use the entire seasoning packet. If you only use less than half of the packet and add some fresh or frozen veggies it is good in a pintch. Especially if you are a college student as myself.

  19. Try paldo noodles!! http://www.amazon.com/Paldo-Hwa-Ramyun-Noodles-4-2-Ounce/dp/B001RNHITU
    They have a LOT of vegetarian flavors- kimchi, hot and spicy. They are one of the few truly vegetarian brands I know of.

  20. I second Paldo ramen, which you can find at some Asian grocery stores. Safeway also carries 3-4 of the Maggi Indian varieties which are all vegetarian and yummy (curry, masala, chapata). The one thing I could never find was a vegetarian cup of noodles until last week…I was looking in the Kosher section of the grocery store and found Tradition brand cup of noodles. They’re actually marked as vegetarian, and you can get chicken or vegetable flavour. They’re even working on phasing out the styrofoam packaging. Oh, and on the subject of making Ramen tastier and more nutritious…only use part of the seasoning packet or your own seasoning blend (there’s a few veggie chicken soup mixes that are great), add veggies, and if you aren’t vegan, then mix up an egg and slowly add it to the boiling/hot soup. One of my friends from Korea said she grew up doing this, and it’s really tasty. If you aren’t into eggs, adding some tofu or a cut up veggie burger also works.

  21. There is also a cheddar cheese flavored cup in case no one has mentioned the yet.

  22. The Top Ramen Oriental is confusing. If you by it in the single servings, there is no meat by-products. But if you by it in the Value 6-pack, it contains beef extract.

  23. Sapporo Ichiban Ramen Original Flavor is completely 100% vegetarian (however not vegan.)

    I tried it last night and it’s pretty good. A little on the bland side, but spiced up with some veggies and garlic it’s wonderful. I found it in my local Dominick’s in Chicago.

    Also, the packet is about 1 1/2 times larger than a regular Ramen packet…so it’s def a good full sized meal. Enjoy!

  24. Oriental Ramen flavoring does not have beef extract but it does note that it has been produced in a factory that also processes fish.

  25. Koyo makes really good organic & vegan ramen. They are pricier than supermarket ramen like Top but they’re so much better: http://www.shoporganic.com/prod_detail_list/brand_koyo_foods

  26. If you are a vegetarian, try Dr. Mcdougall’s chicken Ramen Noodles from a non-meat source.

  27. I recently looked at the Top Ramen Oriental Flavor. It is vegetarian, but not vegan. It contains Lactose, a milk by-product.

    Ramen noodles themselves are vegan.

  28. it says on the Nissin website that the top ramen orental flavor contains no animal by products.

    sixth question down:

  29. How would I use Agar Agar in a tea or coffee? does it need to be disolve completely?

  30. I used to love Sapporo Ichiban Ramen Original Flavor but they have added beef broth to their seasoning so it is no longer vegetarian

  31. Email me at laurettehavranek@gmail.com for where I get my Top Ramen Oriental Flavor Ramen, with the cabbage on the package, and/or a list of ingredients. I eat this noodle preparation as a vegetarian item, and am always mindful of the fact that the VeggieLife is frought with ignorance from others. Including manufacturers. Grrr :sigh:.

  32. Harmony, I buy Top Ramen Oriental at Lucky Stores all the time.

  33. yeah, ive been eating the shrimp top ramen noodles for months and something told me to look at the back and I did–Im a pescatarian an on the back in the seasoning was BAM chicken fat. I freaked the freak out.

  34. Anyone heard of Spike original seasoning? It tastes very similar to the chicken seasoning packet (at least from what I remember long ago when I wasn’t a veg). I highly recommend replacing the seasoning packet with a tablespoon or two of Spike. I found it at Fresh Market, but I’m sure you can buy it at any grocery store.


  35. To solve the mysteries of the meat byproducts.. How about brining back the Mushroom flavor ramen.. That was mine and my families favorite one, the only one we ever ate actually because we are all vege! Just a thought:)

  36. Hello I found your blog on google and enjoyed reading through this very much. I have saved your site and you will be back.

  37. Oriental Ramen contains beef. Read the fine print like a good vegetarian and you’ll be fine 🙂

  38. I moved to Chicago from Seattle and I know from experience (lifelong vegetarian) that Nissin Top Ramen, Oriental Flavor is vegetarian (lacto-ovo) the Maruchan Ramen, Oriental Flavor does have beef products in the seasoning. The packages look pretty similar and are the exact same shade of blue, so be careful. I can’t seem to find the Nissin in the stores here, so I buy from Amazon. We don’t really like the Maruchan noodles as much anyways, other wise we would just buy seasoning–or make our own (it’s not a mystery there are make-alike recipes online. Anyhow, just my two cents.

  39. I’m looking at a package of Nissin Top Ramen Oriental flavor right now. It’s totally Vegan, not one animal product or byproduct, no eggs, no lactose, totally vegan. I’m a life long vegan. I just bought 48 packages for .20 cents each.

  40. I just found Top Ramen Oriental today after 2 years of searching. I just moved back to my mom’s and they had it at H-E-B. They aren’t in every one, but hopefully they aren’t as rare as they seem. Maruchan Ramen does have animal products in all the flavors I’ve seen both in bag and in cup.

  41. nissin hot and spicy super picante soup is veggie and really yummy

  42. Cant find the spicy vegetable kind. Can anyone tell me where to get them in the New Haven, CT area? Any brand will do.

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