Mar 012006

Submitted By: Keri R.
Submitted From:Greensboro, NC


  • 2 packs chili flavored ramen noodles (if you can still find them anywhere)
  • 1/2 pound ground turkey or beef
  • 1 16oz can kidney beans
  • 1 16oz can diced tomatoes
  • 1 C. shredded cheddar

Cook noodles according to package directions. Brown meat in a sauce pan. Drain excess liquid from meat, then add the kidney beans and tomatoes. Heat till warm. Mix everything together. Top with shredded cheese. This makes for hearty, flavorful chili that\’s inexpensive. I make a box of cornbread to go with it, but that\’s purely optional!!

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  60 Responses to “Chili Ramen”

  1. thats the place that I found the Chili flavored Nissin ramen noodles!!!! there are a few other places on the net that sell them and some other hard to find flavors! hope this helps everyone

  2. in topeka, KS both walmart, kmart, and several other stores not including all the gas stations have nissin’s chili flavored top ramen. in fact i’m eating a rather large bowl of it as i type this 😀 you guys should move here RAMEN LOVERS UNITE… in kansas? o.o

  3. Go here for Maruchan Chili Ramen noodles.
    My case just arrived a few minutes ago, and I’ve enjoyed my first bowl.

    I’ve not had them since around 2007 when everywhere stopped stocking them.

    $0.55 a package, which is very expensive (compared to about $0.18 each at the local grocery when they had them), but when you’re hooked on Chili Ramen, what can you do?

    I found a couple places that list them, one place answers the phone and sold me my case, everything went perfect there. $13.20 for a case of 24 packages. Another site had them listed at $8.75 for the case of 24 packages, but they don’t answer the phone, so they don’t get the business.

    Here is the place I ordered from, the food is wonderful, shipping was fast, and I couldn’t be more happy with the transaction…

    I’m going to order a couple more cases, just to have on hand. It isn’t like they go bad, and even if they did, I like them so much I’d still eat them.

    I just wish my cat that passed in 2008 was here with me, he LOVED the Chili Ramen, and would eat them until his little eyes would water up from the spices… I’ve not had them since he was here, and it was a bittersweet moment to find the Chili Ramen again. He would have loved them.

  4. I love Nissin’s Cajun Chicken…and they don’t make it anymore. Now they make chili? Does anyone know if it taste the same?

  5. you have to try the chilli noodle tuna wrap….might not sound good but it will make u wanna slap your great granma……2 chilli ramen noodles, 1 pack of chunky light tuna, 2 tbl spoons of mayonaise, 1/2 of a summer sausage diced, honey (your prefrence on the amount, tortilla shells, mix the ingredeants together and place on a warm torttila with spread cheese crunch up sour cream and onion chips over the mixture wrap and enjoy…i know how it sounds crazy but become a believer and endure the taste of a lifetime.

  6. Chilli noodles are wonderfull the best i have tasted but i cant find them anywhere

  7. i cant believe i found this site i knew there were noodle lovers like myself out there…

  8. I want to know where I can find chilli Ramen in Portland or

  9. Only place I can find them at is my work..

  10. please pleas please please help me find a location in st louis mo that sells chili flavored my absolute favorite and none of the other flavors even come close
    help help help help thank u and God Bless

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