Feb 162006

With the slow economy and low saving rates, everyone is looking to save money household essentials from food to beer. So what is the cheapest ramen you have seen in a store (recently)? What brand was it? Since everyone sends me ramen these days, I don’t have to buy much, but I am curious.

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  30 Responses to “Cheapest Ramen Money Can Buy?”

  1. Wal~Mart has ramen for 10 cents a pack, only their brand tho. Also, they only have Beef, Oriental, and Chicken. They dont have Pork, my favorite.

  2. I’ve gotten it at 8 cents each at a sale. I usually buy at 10 to 15 cents each.

  3. I get them anywhere from 8 cents on sale to 20 cents when I am really hungry. I get the money from my grandmother so really they are free when you think about it. Sometimes I talk my parents out of a few packs when I go to dinner at their house (again, FREE)

  4. In England, Sainsbury’s own brand of instant noodles are 8p a packet. They only come in chicken curry flavour at the moment, but they are good for the price.

  5. Matt:

    Please forgive the off topic post, but since you’re a UMR grad, I thought you might be interested in knowing about UMR’s new research blog, visions. If we ever come across a UMR prof conducting research on Ramen noodles, we’ll be sure to post it on Visions.

    Andrew Careaga
    @ UMR office of communications

  6. all ramen is 15 cents at the walmart supercenter near my apartments in MO, cup of noodles… didn’t look

  7. You can buy Ramen “10 for a buck” at some of the dollar stores in Miami Beach. There is also a lot of Cup-O-Noodles which really doesn’t add up to the fine taste of Ramen Noodles (in the pack). I like to put Kraft American slices on my hot chicken or shrimp flavored Ramen Noodles. Sometimes I’ll even sprinkle a few herbs!

  8. Albertsons recently had them for $1.47 for a case of 24. It was an eight hour sale. Limit of 4 cases. We have enough for about a year I think.

  9. 50 cents for 12 packs!!! i love ramen noodles! with hot sauce!!!!

  10. Maruchan is the way to go. I mostly just see maruchan, Tops, and the crappy wal-mart brand, and the big M beats them all hands down.

  11. Food 4 less 82nd $ powell Portland oregon 2 weeks ago, $1.00 a case

  12. hmmm costco has the best deal i got a whole palet like deal for 3.99 i think oriental ramen is best cooked with tapitio sause

  13. Yeah, I’ve seen it for 10 cents a pack at dollar stores. But I only eat it if I have to. I go for the good stuff. (Sapporo Ichiban)

  14. I have gotten them here at the Wal-mart near me in Florida for 10 cents a pack for their brand and its the same stuff. I usually get it by the case. Its cheap and my sister is always sending me different recipes to make with ramen.

  15. I like the “indomie” brand that I used to get at the Ooriental grocery store some time aga. they were about five bucks a case but was worth the flavor. Also came with a little oil seasoning packet that made them so yummy. Have not seen them in awhile for some reason. Possibly they had lead in them so they cancelled production for health reasons. If there was that heavy metal in there though, it sure tasted good.

  16. Every Ramen Noodle flavor is 25 cents around me.

  17. I live in the greater Detroit metro area.Ramen noodle packs are priced at 10 or 12 packs for $1.00 at most grocery stores.But i like the ramen cups at costco,you get 24 cups for about $6.00.They only have chicken flavor.Ilove to add parsley,dried onion and herbs to my ramen noodles,or cook and drain them adding butter and half of the seasoning packet along with cooked vegetables.Ramen beef flavored is the absolute best.Try your local asian markets,they carry a wide selection of unique kinds of instant noodle cups and bowls,but some are more expensive.They range in prices from $2.00-$4.00 for each pack or bowl.,they come in different types of noodles and flavores.Happy ramen eating!!

  18. We just had some (6) for a family dinner. We like it with Chinese Sausage which is called Lop Chong. It brings up the cost of our Ten Cent Dinner, but we like to splurge 😉


    I use about 1/2 to 1 sausage per package of Ramon. You slice the sausage very thin and then just microwave the slices for a minute or so. You pour the sausage into the cooked Ramon.

    I used to eat Ramon a LOT when mountaineering. You can carry a week of food for two in a stuff sack that is very light, and dirt cheap. I’d just strap a stuff sack full to my pack.

    I’m still amazed that it’s so cheap. I was curious about this and did some googling, which is how I came to this site…. As I suspected, the 10 cent Ramon is a loss leader. It costs more than that to manufacture !!! See:


    That’s weird that they’re really Lo Mein with the Japanese “L”=”R” pronunciation !!!!

    Bob Gelman

    PS: I suspect it’s more expensive in Asia !!! (Like the flip-flops you’d seen in Chinatown for under a buck would be a few dollars a pair in improverished Nepal.

  19. Walmart Brand is .10 cents everyday in Kansas City (Beef, Oriental and Chicken flavor.

    .9xx cents at Sam’s Club (only Chicken flavor, but Maruchan Brand)

    The local dollar stores have 6 packs for a dollar.

  20. here in colombia each ramen pack costs US$0.70
    not too xpensive…

  21. I live in Vancouver, Canada. Cheapest I’ve seen are 20 cents a pack of Superstore’s own brand name ramen: chicken, chicken mushroom, pork, beef, shrimp. But I never eat them since I prefer a little better quality ramen at 50 cents a packet at least. Cheapest price I’ve seen for a Cup/Bowl of noodles are 50 cents when on sale in Superstore.

  22. Costco has 48 packs of Top Ramen for $3.99. That works out to 0.083125 cents per pack. They are mixed packs, half beef, and half chicken.

    My favorite ramen is by far Maruchan… Their beef.. I don’t even bother with anything else. Except when I want a bowl type ramen, I get Nong Shim’s Kimchee bowls

  23. ramen substitutes are only flavoured noodles thought yeah? like supernoodles and pot noodles. Sort of takes the fun out of ramen, you need to have a massive bowl full of veggies, noodles and some stock. easy peasy really not as authentic but hey better than 3 minute wonders lol! ^_^

  24. does anybody know where to buy a large quanity of ramen noodle in the south east united states. over 1,000 packets

  25. I just got a case of 48 top ramen, from costco, for 4.48, great deal!

  26. where i live its about $.25 . but alot of times you can get 10 packs (6 ramens in each pack) for $10 and i dont know the brand i never pay attetion to what i buy, only what flavor im buying, and hot & spicy (or chily) is a good flavor if you can ever find it.

  27. I love reading your article. Very interesting. I’ll be waiting for the next post. Thanks a lot.

  28. Chili flavored ramen noodles are nice and spicy, I really like them. I make a soup of a chicken flavored ramen with mixed vegetables and like it alot.

    I recently payed 13 cents for some marked down noodles. The regular price now is about 15 cents for a package. Some of the more deluxe packaged brands are selling for over a dollar. I tried one and the only difference I could see was the dehydrated vegetables and a few pieces of dehydrated chicken. I could buy a can of chicken and some frozen mixed vegetables and make about 2-4 meals with a lower cost by buying the less expensive noodles and doing my own. Your paying for convenience and packaging.

    Still to pay about a dollar for lunch is better than most fast food meals.

  29. Recently, Kroger had some Ramen at a fantastic price, even if it was a goof.

    The ramen was a new flavor I had never seen before, something like “Roasted chicken”. Anyway, the yellow “Kroger card” tag said $3/case (24pack) or just about $.13 each pack. When I rang up, it read as $4.29 and when I used my Kroger card, it took $4.16 off. End result, ~$.13 for a CASE of Ramen, or less than a penny per pack.

    Bet your bottom dollar I bought as much as I could, while I could. Unfortunately, the deal didnt work with other flavors, and they quickly ran out of those. Oh well, it was good while it lasted!

  30. wow i bought oriental ramen from fairway market in nyc for $.50 a pack and i thought i got a great deal but now it seems that im a sucker

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