Sep 132005

Not a recipe, but an interesting way to cook your noodles…

Take one package of Ramen Noodles and place inside coffee pot. Then you fill your coffee maker with water. Turn coffee pot on and allow it to cook its self. Let set for about 10 minutes so the noodles cook…. then drain noodles into a bowl. Add the flavoring of your package and any other seasonings you may like. Then eat.

I used to have a video that Kam Kashani sent in of cooking ramen in an espresso maker, I lost it somewhere along the way...

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  11 Responses to “Coffee Pot Ramen”

  1. I tried this idea out today, but made one mistake…and I blame it on the fact that I always make the coffee…

    I filled the carafe with water — 12 cups worth, instead of the 2 or 3 cups that would have done nicely…so needless to say, I had broth to spare…

  2. i used to have to do that back when I used to go camping during the summer, it was the only way we could cook our ramen ahha.

  3. ooh ive done this while in hotels. they have the coffe makers in the bathrooms.

  4. Wait, an espresso maker?

    You don’t mean the kind with a filter basket, and tamping, do you?

    I mean, that’d only net you tiny tiny amounts of ramen each time…

  5. @anonymous: You would propably not use the filter part, just put the noodles in the upper part, water in the lower section and let the water cook the noodles.

  6. i am doing this right now in my dorm…so far looks good!

  7. When I was in college (very small one), the caffeteria was not open on the weekends. I survived the weekends on ramen cooked in my little four cup pot, instant oatmeal and delivery pizza for dinner. I had no wheels and neither did my friends, so we were always looking for inexpensive, non perishable meals! Ramen was always a favorite!!

  8. Coffee Pot Ramen is really popular at anime (japanese animation) conventions. People have to cook it that way b/c there is no way to eat it excpet raw!

    Ramen Noodles are a part of every anime fans diet! I even named my personal website after it!

  9. I discovered this when I was at a hotel without a stove and I was really hungry. I decided to see if anyone else had tried it. Easy Mac also works well.

  10. If u eat ramen and drink coffee with it you will have sooo much energy… I always do that right before i go play basketball.

  11. I did this today, I did it the same way, except for it didn’t take 10 minutes. I guess if you’re going to do this regularly, you should probably not use a coffee pot that is used to regularly make coffee.

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