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  1. Do you represent any ramen manufacturers? How can I contact a manufacturer?

    No. I am just a person, not a ramen company. See my ramen manufacturer page for company contact information.

  2. How do you pronounce the word RAMEN?

    The answer is rah-men, not RAY-men. At least this is how I pronounce it, so it must be correct

  3. How to Cook Ramen in the microwave
    • To cook a package of Ramen noodles in an 1100W microwave, crumble the back into a bowl with a round bottom. Add ยฝ cup water and stir to wet all the noodles as thoroughly as possible. Cover the bowl (use plastic wrap film if it doesnโ€™t have a cover).
    • Cook 1ยฝ minutes on HIGH. Quickly stir again to be sure everything is wetted.
    • Cook 1ยฝ minutes at 30% power.
  4. Can I do an interview? Can I put a link to your page in an article?

    Yes. If you put a link or pictures, whatever, I request that you mail me a copy of the article or magazine. I am available for interviews, please email me well in advance as I dont check the ramen mailbox everyday.

  5. Can I buy ramen on-line?

    Yes you can, look under Links/Shop For Ramen..

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  97 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. who cares how you say it, lets just call it “yummy!”

  2. I make my Ramen on the stove, enough water to cover two bricks, boiling all the way. Then, I strain them and add seasoning. Then, here’s the kicker, I spray them down with cold water to speed up the “into-my-gullet” process. Spraying them also thins out the seasoning to my desired level. I like Chicken so, I can have either “too many cokes pee” yellow or the light and soft “first couple of beers pee” yellow. My choice, I choose it. I also to sing Maruchan to that slow asian song’s beat, I know not the name. RAHMEN… the wife’s slow, so she says Roman. Bye!

  3. u wanna hear sumthin gross
    ok i was at camp one summer
    and top ramen was for lunch
    well some dumbass forgot the stove
    so most of us just ate it raw
    but me and my friend decided it
    would be cool to have hot noodles
    so we broke up the noodle square
    and put it in our nalgene bottles
    filled the bottle with water
    and left um in the sun to cook
    for about 30 mins
    the end result was luk-warm soggy
    noodles that were still crunchy
    lets just say that unless u are camped
    on like mercury this is a very bad idea

  4. To the guy who said he looked the pronunciation up on Wiki:
    The bar over the ‘a’ in Ramen is called a macron and it indicates a long vowel which is “Rah” not “Ray.” The “Ray” sound is a long ‘e’, not a long ‘a’. Oh and the two little dots over a letter are called an umlaut and a single dot like over an ‘i’ or a ‘j’ is a tittle just for kicks.

    Also I’d like to say that I once cooked ramen noodles by wrapping a water bottle in foil and sticking it on the exhaust manifold on a road trip and they were the best I’ve ever had. Long live Ramen.

  5. To whoever wrote ages ago about not using the flavoring packet:

    I do this all the time. I just cook the noodles 3 min. in plain boiling water. However, I typically drain the noodles because I am not a huge fan of the soup, so now I have a bunch of bland noodles. I suppose you could use butter, pepper, pretty much any sauce or seasoning, but I usually use soy sauce.

  6. Umm, I thought it was pronounced Law men ๐Ÿ™‚ The Law is clear ๐Ÿ™‚

    But what I really like, is Thai duck noodle soup.

    Or Japanese Zaru Soba.

  7. It’s not pronounced RAH-Men or RAY-Men noodles, it is called oodles o noodles

  8. All I can say is that Ramen noodles are a typical college student’s main source of nutrients!… there are thousands of ways to cook it, and you can make so many things out of it!! It’s like magic in a package! & only 10 for a dollar??? seriously…

    oh and just to keep the argument going, it’s “rah-men” don’t hate. the truth hurts sometimes.

  9. I used to pronounce it as “rah-me-in”.

    I know…silly me. I am now with the “rah-min” crowd.

  10. who ever says its pronounced rah-men your wrong its ray-men!

  11. No, I have never seen so many people debating about the pronunciation of pot noodles.

    Just make your damn noodles and live your life and quit focusing on probably the most trivial topic ever discussed in the history of ever anywhere.

    My faith in humanity has officially expired.


  12. yeah, but your name is batman.

  13. My cousin and I love eating Ramen noodles with Franks Red-Hot hot sauce!DELICIOSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Were you going for sarcasm when you state how ramen is pronounced? Saying something is pronounced a certain way because that’s how YOU pronounce it is ridiculous. “Rah-men” is thought to be a corrupt Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese lo mein. The koreans pronounce it la-myun which sounds more like the correct pronunciation. Ray-men sounds more like lo mein than rah-men, so while both incorrect, ray-men is more correct. If you say we speak English and we don’t care how it was originally pronounced in China, then at least follow the rules of English. It would need two M’s to be correctly pronounced rah-men.

  15. Well I have pronounced it rah-me-an since I first ate the stuff in 1984 and will always call it this regardless of what all the pronunciation Nazis require.

    Chili flavor from Nissin my favorite.

  16. I have always pronounced it Rah-men and I have friends that are japanese and cambodian and I have many other friends from that region that eat Ramen noodles and they all say that it is pronounced Rah-men. Its funny how so many people rely on Wikipaedia for all the answers, they tend to forget it was written by people just like us so I could go on and change it from Ray-men to Rah-men and they would then know the proper pronounciation. Trust me everyone you shouldnt always believe what you hear on sites written by anyone.

    Ramen tastes awesome especially with BBQ Pork hmmmmm pork.

  17. In reply to ‘me’,
    on the contrary, it IS called Rah-men, or rather rah-mi-en. Not Ray-men.
    That particular pronounciation is way off. Anyway, chill, because you don’t have to be so uptight over such a trivial matter.

  18. uchihahahahaha ramen for sale!

  19. I would appareciate it very much, if you would let me know if the Curry Chicken Ramen Noodles have been discontinued. They were my grandauther’s favorite, and I am unable to find them anywhere. Thank you. Sincerely, Beverly Kniola

  20. you shoud try boiling water in a frying pan and put the seasoning paket in then fry the noodles in the boiling broth intil the water is evaporated and the sseasoning is cooked into the noodles its sooo goood

    also if you dont want to comment this
    do any of you watch naruto shippuden or read it?

  21. I really like this site. My hat off to you, Matt-san. (^__^)b

    This pronunciation debate makes me laugh. And being the dork that I am, I cannot let this one go. I’ve lived in Japan for the past 4 years, have been studying the language for over 8 years, and work for a company that distributes the Nissin USA and Nissin Shokuhin products from Japan in America. Those in the industry say “rah-men”.

    “ray-men” or “rah-men”, assuming we are being true to the original Japanese pronunciation, it would be pronounced “rah-men”. If it were pronounced “ray-men” as some people have argued, it would be written “REI-men” in Japanese and thus, when it was romanized (converted to the Roman alphabet), it would be spelled as such.

    Thus, we can conclude that the pronunciation of ramen as “ray-men” is incorrect. Borrowed words are generally pronounced as their languages of origin intended it (at least that is my understanding). When you read the word “rendezvous” in English do you read it as “wren-dayz-vows”? I don’t know about you guys, but I say “rahn-day-voo”, as true to the French pronunciation as I can get it.

    So if the generic term for instant noodles is written “ramen”, not “reimen” (which is a completely different word in Japanese, might I add. If you asked a Japanese person for “ray-men”, you would get cold noodles, not hot ones, as “rei-men” in Japanese literally means “cold” (rei) “noodles” (men).), then the correct pronunciation is none other than “RAH-men”.

    I hope this puts an end to this heated debate.

    –Mayonaka no Taiyou–

  22. Modern instant noodles were invented in Japan by Taiwanese Momofuku Andล (ๅฎ‰่—ค็™พ็ฆ), the founder of Nissin Foods.
    From the Top Ramen FAQ on the Nissin website:
    How do you pronounce “ramen?”
    We get this question quite frequently – it’s pronounced “rah-men”, not “ray-men.”

    I would suspect that the inventor and producers of the product would know the proper pronunciation.

  23. No matter how you spell it , it’s rah men or raw men pronoced the same way.

  24. Ok, I’d rather know how to pronounce Maruchan. I have a black friend who says MAR-yoo-shawn and I think that’s silly. I figure most white people would pronounce it mar-OO-kun. Maybe it just depends on the pigment of your skin, or the astrological sign you were born under.

  25. 1. It’s pronounced Rah-men. 2. Yes, I contacted a manufacturer and they told me it was pronounced Rah-men. 3. Maruchan is pronounced Mar-oo-chan (as in Jackie Chan!). 4. I maked ramen pie! use ramen as the crust of the pie, just smash it up!

  26. Lol, I went to the nearby Wal-Mart the other day and asked a couple of employees where I could find Ramen noodles. They just looked at me stupidly, so I elaborated with Oodles of Noodles, still a blank look, then I said “You know, the instant noodles in a package?”

    “Ohhh! You mean Romaine noodles?” one of the women piped up. I had to resist the urge to grimace and correct her as I strained out a yes.

    Wtf man? Is it because I live in the South? I didn’t realize there was even an ‘o’ in Ramen, did I miss something or is the lady and her friend just special?

    Side note, rah-rah ramen, yay!

  27. who friggin care what the proper pronunciation is. are these ppl serious??

  28. curry chicken, your grandaughter likes? bk

  29. It’s “rah-men”!!

  30. So, I just read through all of those comments about the pronunciation of ramen. I pronounce it RAH-MEN (my dad is from Taiwan and he pronounces the “a” sounds as “ah”) but if people pronounce it the other way I don’t care.

    The thing that really irks me and makes me care less and less about the correct pronunciation is the fact that there are many many people out there who thinks it’s spelled ROMAN. So I say those of us who at least know how to spell it should spread our knowledge to others. ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. go to http://www.howjsay.com and type “ramen” it will give you the correct pronunciation!

    it is RAH men.. and you dont really pronounce the “e”. kinda like “rah mn”.

    i was one of the losers who said RAY men for a long time. my sister and i ate it all the time, and i heard her say ray men so naturally, i did too. i blame her!

  32. Most definitely Rah-Men!

    Ray-men just sounds retarded.

  33. ramen Pronunciation: RAH-min OR RAH-mane Notes: A staple of Japanese salarymen and American college students, these Japanese noodles can be used in soups or salads. You can find bricks of instant ramen in many supermarkets, packaged in cellophane along with seasoning packets which you can use or discard. These noodles are usually fried in oil before they’re dried, so they tend to be high in fat. They cook in about 2 to 3 minutes. Asian stores also carry fresh or frozen ramen noodles. Substitutes: lo mein noodles (“Ramen” is thought to be a corruption of the Chinese “lo mein.”) OR saimin (lower in fat) OR soba (lower in fat) OR rice sticks

  34. Might I add this is the funniest blog ever! And It is still rah-min :p

  35. HAHAHA! T’is Rah-Min. I grew up on these bad boys. And the DO NOT give you meal-worms if eaten dry. Great blog.

  36. LOL yeah that was a fun read!! There is actually a movie out now called RAMEN GIRL and hey guess what ……drum roll…. it is pronounced RAH-MEN!!! Yes so there is my little input to the debate =)
    rah rah rah ramen!!!!! The Nong Shim picante is the BEEESSSTT!!!!

  37. it is RAY-MEN not rah-men

  38. i agree with starsky

  39. OK. Now on a more serious note.

    You did not answer the two people in your group, one that asked about worms and the other that asked about bugs.

    I have had nothing to eat for several hours and thought I would have a nice cup of soup. After enjoying the soup, I noticed small particles in my mouth and removed them with my finger. This is the 3rd time I have had cup of soup in the past week and had this feeling so I took one of the pieces that I thought was food and looked at it under a magnifing glass.

    Sure enough it looks like it might be alive and like it is an incredably small worm. (less than the tip of an ink pen, white or opaque). I looked them up on google and if they are what I think they are, they are called “pinworms”. Nothing too serious they feed off the intestines and lay 10-15,000 eggs. (Takes about 6 wks to get them out of the system).

    Have you ever heard of this???

  40. I heard that Al Gore invented Ramen Noodles, right after the internets. He pronounces Ramen as (Rah-men) like a little polar bear on a melting glacier would say it. I read this all in my Charlie Brown Edition Encyclopedia

  41. l0l you n00bz!!!11!!!!1!one!!!

    I actually *say* it as “Ray-men”, but it really IS “Rlah-men”. I guess the guy who went to Wikipedia didn’t click the button to hear it pronounced by a real Japanese speaker, n00b! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And yes, Al Gore did invent the Ramen Noodle, but the Japanese stole his idea after he thwarted their second attack on Pearl Harbor! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. you’re all wrong. its pronounced rammin.

  43. Just so you all know according to Maruchan it is RA (RAH) MEN. http://www.maruchan.com/maruchan_faq.html
    AND it says they are safe to eat dry.

  44. i along with many people pronounce it correctly rah-men
    the people who pronounce it ray-men are literally stupid of the 10th degree ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Thank you for your content. and i like thai chili

  46. Thank you for putting the pronounce of the word. This was actually a topic of conversation for friends of mine, well because we have no life haha. But yea thanks

  47. So how many calories in JUST the flavor packet? No one seems to know this and, instead, they reply with anything BUT the answer. This is clearly the million dollar question.

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