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Submitted By: Rob Loukotka and Brandon Mayotte
Submitted From: Ann Arbor, Michigan, US


  • 1 block of Ramen
  • ¼ cup Brown Sugar
  • ¼ cup Chocolate Sauce (Hershey’s… or whatever)
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Optional: ½ teaspoon Vanilla
  • Optional: Whipped Cream

This Ramen recipe is quite a sugar overload. Your mouth will be pleased, and it will keep you up all night. Great for dessert (and for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!). Highly recommended: A tall glass of milk to wash down the intense ‘Hyperactive Candied Choco-Ramen’.


  1. Fill pot with 2-3 cups of water, and mix in ¼ cup of Brown Sugar. Also, if available, a ½ teaspoon of Vanilla (too much vanilla would make it tastes crazy… like Godzilla… be careful).
  2. Cook Ramen block when sugar-water boils. Cook until soft and quite ‘noodley’.
  3. Strain Ramen until most water has left the pot and gone down the drain.
  4. Pour in a few dashes of Brown Sugar, and ¼ cup of Chocolate Sauce. Make sure to mix it well, until the noodles are a nice golden-brown color.
  5. Dump Choco-Ramen onto a plate, preferably NOT a paper plate. Then sprinkle as much powdered sugar as you desire upon the Choco-Ramen. This makes it look cool, and taste awesomer.
  6. If you’re super-fancy, try adding a large mountain of Whipped Cream upon your Choco-Ramen creation.

If you do not have chocolate sauce, melted chocolate chips make a tasty substitute. Also if you don’t like chocolate, try using caramel sauce.

Note: This recipe is extremely sugary and should not be fed to children under 5, because they’ll stay up all night watching Spongebob.

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  8 Responses to “Hyperactive Candied Choco-Ramen”

  1. I gave it a 10 because, i’m ashamed to say i have NEVER tryed any kind of ramen yet and thats because i just descovered it and in my contry chineese food restaurants aren-t so spread out throughout the country and if u go in a super market u wont even find the basic noodles … the first place i found them was at a hypermarket i worked for a month and the only thing i found were the basic noodles. Most of the names in the recipes on this site are unfamiliar to me and i dont think i could even find them anywhere. Belive it or not even brown sugar is hard to find(only found it in the hypermarket and maybe a few supermarkets) so most of these recipes here will be hard to do but this one seemed easy enough and quite … let’s say ENERGISEING(did i spell that right? :P) anyway i just found out about the site and imma try some of these recipes on my own … and by the way great site dude!!! … realy.

  2. … oh dear gods…
    I have just attempted the Hyperactive Candied Choco-Ramen and all I have to say is…
    I think I need to call poision control. Not that it was bad, I think I just used tooo much chocolate. It tated like a wet choco crispy, thou. I don’t know if I’ll try it again, but you never know!
    Great fun, great fun.

  3. Ok – I had never had any kind of dessert ramen before… so I figured, oh what the heck, I’ll give it a try.

    Eh… gave me a tummy ach honestly. I just don’t think ramen and dessert were ment to be together.

    I agree with Tarquin – tasted like soggy cereal.

  4. The best thing I have ever eaten. You, sir, have created a masterpiece.

  5. A small suggestion. Instead of using vanilla extract (which can have a bitter taste), use real vanilla. It only takes a minute. Cut a vamilla pod in half lengthwise, scrape out the seeds with point of a knife and mix them into the water (step 1) before boiling (step 2 of your recipe).

  6. Yeah it wasn’t that good. I think I might have over cooked it. But I wouldn’t try it again. Try Doing the Chinnese-Style Ramen thats some good ramen.

  7. I LOVE RAMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. tastes very good, it does taste like soggy ceral, but DELICIOUS MAN!!!!

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