Dec 092004

Kids, Dont try this at home, but check out this contest that 5th Floor West AJ at Virginia Tech invented.

The Great Ramen Challenge


  • 1 case any-flavor ramen (12 packages)
  • 24 cups water
  • Are you man enough for the Great Ramen Challenge?

    Directions: You have 2 hours to eat one case of standard ramen (preparing each package using 2 cups of water). Good luck. May require stomach pumping.

    Note from Adam: We’re poor college kids, so we practically live on ramen. Anyway, one day we were discussing how much ramen could possibly be consumed in one sitting. We thus came up with the Great Ramen Challenge: eat one case of ramen (made with 2 cups water per package) in under 2 hours. So far no one has succeeded, but here’s a picture of my friend after trying.

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      16 Responses to “The Great Ramen Challenge!”

    1. everyone most praise this man like he is your GOD…..cause he is

    2. A god indead

    3. Seems easy enough to beat.

      I was just carrying food for our school food drive to a truck outside.

      There were at least 10 boxes of ramen.
      Yes, boxes. That was about it. Which suprised me, as it was called a “canned food drive”. But hey, I’d rather have Ramen then creamed corn.

      Anyway, I digress.
      We were planning on taking some crates and living on it all weekend.

      But in two hours? Sounds tough.

    4. what a wonderful subject matter for a site. i always thought someone should do just this and after discovering this page i may finally rest knowing that the hard work is done. I look forward to finding more recipes that use the most common of college life spices, and suplements. Yea! Have a wonderful day and if you would like and can come up with some sort of design and html script i would be happy to advertise on my horrible, never been worked on (lacking in subject matter) site

      -Rob Wallace

    5. Hmm . . . interesting. I might try this, one question . . . flavor packets required or optional?

    6. You know, even in the military, this is a comon scene among airmen. Good luck to you in your quest for more ramen!

    7. Never tried eating a case of noodles. I get full on one, but I would defenitely try it!!! Let me know how it goes!!!

    8. Just saying,I read this on the Nissin site.

      “Is MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) bad for you?
      According to a Food and Drug Administration report, MSG is safe when consumed in small amounts. Mild and temporary reactions, such as headaches and nausea, may result when large doses (3 grams or more) are consumed per meal. (Source: “Report to FDA Says MSG is Safe in Normal Doses, ” Wall Street Journal, 9/1/95.)

      A single serving of Top Ramen, Cup Noodles, or Twin Pack Cup Noodles all contain less than 1 gram of MSG each.”

    9. Hmm sounds interesting enough. I may try it one day, but not anytime soon. I would like to comment on what a great site this is. I was just looking for some ramen recipes(my normal Instant Lunch just isn’t cutting it anymore) and this site came up.

    10. Hello my name is master lee yes you heard me “master”. Well i have completed this challenge. I have mastered all the teqniques on eating ramen (with a fork, a spoon, you name it even chopstix),I also own a complete factory of ramen. As a matter of fact we are thinking of releasing the new Teryaki flavor. On a sadder note I am aa good 302 pounds (on a good day), so I can take in just about anything you put in front of me.

    11. wtf? you trying to give me heart failure? you know how much cholesterol is in ramen? enough to make clear water look like pea soup.

    12. Don’t worry. Your kidneys will fail from all the salt long before your heart stops.

    13. You are amazing. I have just discovered a new hero. You are currently the topic of conversation in my study hall. My life is complete. Ramen rules and haunts my dreams.

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    15. Do you people ever spell check your comments before you post them? I know that it is probably too much to ask for a grammar check but seriously… epic fail.

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